Lazy Sunday

It seems like yesterday when I made my summer To Do list.  Now, I’m down to two lazy Sundays left and my list is not even close to being completed!  Two more lazy Sundays left and it’s back to preparing for the school week.  Okay, I’m going to stop there because I’m tearing up just thinking about not spending my days with the cubs having fun.

My Girls’ Weekend Getaway was a success!  I blogged about it here.  By the way,  we celebrated another Wow, God! moment on Wednesday.  Jamie had a successful surgery and the Party is planning a quick trip to NC to see her soon.  Thank you so much for your prayers!

We are not even close to having all of the cubs settled into their new rooms.  After moving Cub 4 in with Cub 3, it seems we haven’t spent much time at home to be able to complete the other projects.  Our goal now is to be done by Christmas.  Why so long, you ask?  Well, we still have two more weeks of traveling ahead of us and flag football practice will start in a few weeks (along with the new school year), so we will not have many free days or hours.  I get dizzy just thinking about it all!

We did find a day care provider for Cubs 3 and 4 last week!  We were getting down to the wire trying to find a home that could take both girls.  When we visited Mrs. Kelley last Tuesday, we could hear the angels playing their harps and singing as the rays of light came shining down on her head as she opened the door with a sweet “Hey sugar!” greeting towards Cub 3.  Cub 3, surprisingly, was more comfortable than Cub 4 with exploring their new home away from home.  I’m anticipating lots of tears their first week – from them and me – but I’m sure we’ll all adjust to the change.

As far as the rest of my to-do list; the cross-stitching projects didn’t happen and Family Fun Fridays haven’t been cheap yet, but lots of fun.  Last Friday, we went to Philadelphia to see my new niece, Jaida!  I had to soak up all of her new baby-ness to last until next month.  She slept in my arms pretty much all day which was totally okay with me!  While we were there, my brother-in-law secured his spot as Cub 3’s favorite uncle by giving her a huge bubble gum machine for her birthday.

Cub 3 with her favorite birthday gifts: a digital camera and bubble gum machine
Jaida Jill Buck
Such a cutie!!

This week, the Party will be staying close to home, but not actually at home.  We will be in DC for the Progressive National Baptist Convention.  The cubs and I will just be hanging out while PB “works” during the day.  This little United Methodist girl is going to try to blend in this week!  😉

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. I have bubblegum to help fill her machine! I bought an 850 pack of double bubble from BJ’s at the beginning of the summer and have plenty to give away. 🙂

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