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Wanted: Babysitter

The middle cubs hanging out in the hotel room.

The Party of Six is getting ready to wrap up our week in the nation’s capital. It has been interesting hanging out with the Progressive Baptists…much different than my Virginia United Methodist Conference experiences. Although there has been plenty to make me raise an eyebrow or frown in confusion, the Party has been welcomed with open arms. This convention does get kudos for being family friendly. There are kids everywhere!

Last night, PB and I attended a banquet which brought about the cubs’ first real babysitter experience. I call it a “real” experience not because they haven’t had babysitters before, but because it was not a relative that did the babysitting this time. PB signed us up for this event, but not the cubs. Lucky for us, there are many babysitters at First Baptist! He asked a couple of the college-aged ladies if they would be willing to come over to the hotel and watch the cubs while we attended the banquet, and they were up for the challenge!

It was just as much a real experience for PB and I as it was for the cubs! We actually had no clue what to pay or anything. So, I did what I do best when I don’t have a clue – I googled it! I found a babysitter calculator that used factors like how old the babysitter was, how many kids were being watched, the number of hours, and some other things and it calculated what we should pay per hour. Then, we started the “what if” thoughts like what if Cub 3 cries the whole time or what if the cubs are just outrageous and our babysitters never volunteer again to help us out?!

Thankfully, for us, we had experienced babysitters who were still alive and well after having the cubs for 4 hours. They were all in pj’s and ready for bed. While with the babysitters the cubs “explored” the hotel, found the pool, and even persuaded them to buy them some candy!

We were ecstatic that they did so well! It’s too bad for us that our college-aged ladies have to return to school soon. Thus, our quest for more babysitters begins! I’d love to hear about your successful (or not so successful) babysitting adventures!

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. I just babysat Brooklyn! She was a little fussy, but eventually fell asleep. Let me know if you ever need some help 🙂

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