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Let’s Try Again

As I type, I’m listening to Cub 3 crying and yelling from her room, “Mommy. I. never. get. to. sleep. with. you!” [imagine those little short breaths in between each word] and I’m feeling like I am really earning that Mother-of-the-Year award.  Not!!  Heart-breaking!!  Meanwhile, Cub 4 is snoozing away in the same room.  Cubs 1 and 2 rode with PB to Spotsylvania and should be on their way home now from a revival at PB’s home church.

This week marks my first anniversary of blogging!  It doesn’t really seem like I’ve been writing that long.  I feel like I should have some sort of give-away, but unless you’re a fan of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys (which are Smurf figures right now) I don’t think there’s anything else in the den worth giving away.  I do want to say thank you all so much for reading and encouraging/inspiring me through our face-to-face chats, comments on the blog, facebook, or twitter, and through the emails.  They are so greatly appreciated!  Many of you know that this is my way of trying to keep myself from having a mental breakdown, so thank you for being my psychologists!  God gets credit once again for revealing gifts to me, in me, that I’ve never even considered as being a gift – if that makes sense.  Who knows what else is in store!

Next week is very busy with my return to work, a little school shopping, Meet-n-Greets at two different schools this year, and family pictures.  Family pics are hard work.  Trying to keep everyone focused and happy for a couple of hours?  Close to impossible.  We hear a lot of “Let’s try that one again” from the photographers who really want to say “Why don’t you come back on my day off?”  Isn’t that just like life?  Some days are just crazy enough to make you feel like “I need to do this day all over again and have something turn out right.”  When days get like that what do you do?  Find something about the day to be thankful for anyway.  I thought I’d share some of our past “Let’s try that again” shots:

By the way, if anyone is expecting it to be a long night (like me with my bed wars this week), there’s a Psych marathon on the Sleuth channel!  Love this show!

 Peace and Blessings!


14 thoughts on “Let’s Try Again”

  1. Congratulation’s on your blog anniversary. I truly believe like other’s you have a special talent in writting. I’m looking forward to the good advice I receive from reading about your experiences.

  2. Thank you for inviting me in. I am so humbled. I am praying for your continued strength and sense of humor. You are such a strong quiet Woman of God. Keep writing.

    1. Hey Regina! Thanks for taking a look at the family from my perspective, and thank you for your kind words of encouragement! We are so in love with our new church family! God bless!

  3. Congrats on your one year anniversary of blogging! Your words/entries have been inspirational and some very funny. Thanks for sharing your life over the past year!

  4. I love Psych too!!!! I have been waiting patiently for the new season!!! Isn’t funny how children exaggerate to get their way? Mommy you never let me sleep with you!! Much like a little boy in one of my classrooms has a crying fit if you don’t rub his back to sleep. The things we do for children!!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that someone else likes Psych! PB just doesn’t get into it. Cub 3’s exaggerations are always so extremely far from the truth when she’s upset!

  5. You are a phenomenal woman. It takes me back to how my mother managed 9 children, through prayer, her daily walk in life with God and guardian angels who were kept all around her. Through it all you always show the “beautiful smile” that says it all – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Keep being the person that you are, I look forward to buying your “Book” because I see it coming!

  6. I tell you, a book is on the way. I have had lots of need-to-wish-I-could-do over days. But, sometimes you just say, Lord, it is good to be able to just do. So keep on writing. Love you.

    1. I don’t think there’s a book in my future, but thanks for sharing “somebody”! With the school year getting ready to start, I’m anticipating some “do over” days coming my way.

    1. Thanks, Tunrade! I know for sure that there are at least three “Grumpy” figures around here and a few others. Which really means that we’ve been doing way too much fast food in the past week!

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