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I Lost!

Sometimes you just have to accept defeat.  Last week, I declared a battle against the cubs and my goal of getting them out of our bed here.

I started out strong…ready to lose sleep if needed, to reach my goal.  It was wonderful waking up in bed to just PB on Monday morning!  I escorted Cubs 3 and 4 back to their room twice that night.  Unfortunately, Cub 4 woke up with a high fever and after pumping her with meds all day and night, it just would not go away.  After a trip to Patients First, it was determined that Cub 4 had an ear infection.  Sick baby cubs always end up in our bed because I like to keep them close (casualty #1).  PB left for Memphis on Tuesday (casualty #2) and it just didn’t make sense to the cubs that I should have to sleep in our big bed all by myself!  PB being out of the equation made it easy for Cub 3 to crawl into bed on his side without me even knowing!  By Thursday, I was a walking zombie but still had a little fight left in me.  Also, by Thursday Cub 4’s antibiotic had kicked in and the fever was gone, so she went back to her room.  Sleep was wonderful until we had the worst thunderstorm(s) of the summer so far (casualty #3).  The first ear-splitting boom of thunder escorted Cub 4 into my room, the next boom brought in Cub 1, and still another boom brought in Cub 3.  Cub 2, miraculously, slept through it all!

So, I’m done.  I need to re-assess, re-group, and re-energize myself to get ready for another battle…but for now the score is Cubs – 1, MB – 0.  Would love to hear some suggestions for round two!

Peace and Blessings!


6 thoughts on “I Lost!”

  1. Girl my child would still sleep with us if she could…lol! Actually, one day she just started liking her “space”. Though every now and then, if a storm is bad enough, she is sick or Oil is out of town, she will sneak in.

  2. I’ve never had an issue with sleeping arrangements but rewards seem to work universally no matter what the issue is. My daughter will do anything for a reward…even keep her room clean! So every night as I put her to bed I check her room…if it is clean she gets a sticker on her chart. If she earns a certain number of stickers in a week she gets to buy ice cream at school. It’s been a week, her room is wonderfully clean, her sticker chart is full, she is happy & so am I. Best $.50 I’ve spent all week! You could make each child their own sleep chart and give them a sticker every morning they wake up in their own bed. After they earn a certain number of stickers they get a small reward and if they fill their whole chart with stickers they get a big reward!
    Praying you get some sleep soon! 🙂

  3. What you could do the next time this happen, make sure that they are sleep and go to either one of the Cubs room and rest on their bed. I have to do this when the nieces come over and every one of them always want to sleep in my bed. Thank God for extra bed rooms. Wake up with toes in your nose, a foot up your butt, or a leg wrapped around your neck (wild sleepers). They don’t want to keep the covers on, then they want you to wake up when they get up. Wake up and my body feels as though I am 99 1/2 years old.

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