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Ready or Not (Take Two)

Please bear with me, I’m attempting to write a post from my phone and obviously hit the wrong action!

I’m super tired from a very long, but quick week of school. I changed my class theme this year to sports, so my students will be my MVP’s instead of Twittlebugs! I was very productive this week, but I still have a long list of things that I want to do before Monday. However, whether I’m ready or not, my MVP’s will be there on Monday just as nervous as I will be!

After experiencing my first earthquake this week as well as trying to stay updated with what Hurricane Irene is going to do to Southern Maryland – whether I’m ready or not – life happens. I can choose to let it knock me down and out, or I can choose to stand firm with scriptures engraved in my heart to deal with whatever surprises come my way. What do you choose?

Stay safe east coast friends and family!

Peace and Blessings!