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I’m skipping out on church today…not because I wanted to, but because we didn’t start our preparations last night like normal.  There’s no way we would’ve made it out of the door at 7:30, so we got left behind by PB.

We managed to survive another major east coast event last night.  We packed ourselves up and moved into the basement for the night.  We woke up to some leaky ceilings, both on the first and second levels that we’re hoping State Farm will consider important enough to fix for us.

Leaky family room

This was our only damage from the earthquake earlier last week.  That equals about the same amount of damage that the cubs are capable of on any given day!

Our week has turned even busier than expected.  Not only is it the first week of school and first week of day care, PB has a revival on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings!  Wednesday evening, both boys have flag football practice – not sure how I’m going to be in two places at once.  Thursday evening is our Back to School night – I’ll be meeting my families with Cubs 3 and 4 wrapped around my legs, I guess!  By Friday, I won’t be talking to PB because I’ll be mad at him for taking on a revival during the first week of school.  Yes, the preacher’s wife does get mad at her husband  when ministry gets in the way of family.  We’re human.  Pray much for him and me this week!

I’ll be spending the rest of the day doing laundry, labeling school supplies, lesson and lunch planning.  I hope you all have a great week, and let’s pray that we get a break from any more natural disasters this week.

Peace and Blessings!