The 1st First Day

Hurricane Irene really left her mark in our county.  So much so, that we were closed on what was supposed to be our first day of school.  Cubs 3 and 4 had their first day of school still, and the rest of us will celebrate our first day tomorrow.  Mrs. Kelley, our new day care provider, usually follows the school system’s calendar including delays and closures.  However, she was kind enough to let the girls visit for a few hours to help get them acclimated to her home.  This morning, every time we mentioned school, Mrs. K, day care, etc., Cub 3 would burst into tears, and with every outburst, I would tear up and have to walk away from her.  I had decided that I would not be the best candidate for taking them to Mrs. K’s house because why would Cub 3 want to stay with someone else if I’m crying right along with her?  PB wasn’t being sympathetic to my need to stay at home, so we drove them over together.  At this point, Cub 3 was doing pretty well, and I thought the outbursts were over.

I have to admit – for about fifteen whole minutes – Cub 3 was doing much better than her MB!  I mean, look at this cute, reassuring sign that she was going to be JUST FINE!

As they made their way up the sidewalk to the door, I was a  mess!  My girls were being brave and I was a snotty-nosed mess sitting in the truck!

As I rolled the window down to be ready to wave to Mrs. K when she opened the door, I heard a shrieking “No!  No!” from Cub 3 and I hurried to put the window back up!  Hearing that did not help the tears stop flowing AT ALL!

PB drove me around on a few errands looking for last minute things for my classroom and school supplies for the boys when my cell phone rang…it was Mrs. K.!  Of course, I’m thinking Cub 3 was still crying and she wanted us to come pick her up earlier.  So I answered the phone:

MB: Hi Mrs. K.  Is everything alright?

Mrs. K.: Oh yes!  The girls are fine!  I was calling to check on YOU!  How are you doing?

I just LOVE her already!!  The girls had a great time!  They played, danced, ate snacks, and read books.  I was so relieved that all went well (like I knew that it would)!  🙂 We had a few more errands to complete today, but first we celebrated a great ending to the cubs’ first day of school with Happy Meals!

Cub 3 said, “Mommy, I not gonna cry at Miss Kel-wees tomorrow!” I wonder if she’ll ask for McDonald’s again…

Peace and Blessings!


4 thoughts on “The 1st First Day”

  1. I completely understand how you felt. It was a new journey for the cubs and you. I know Tyrone was teary in his heart. I’m teary just seeing the pictures. When SaCorya started headstart, kindergarten, and first grade I teared up because my princess was growing up and I couldn’t go to school with her. In first grade, after 911 happened Sacorya was afraid to go to school. For three weeks I had to drive her to school, and walk her to the classroom. On the last day of the three week period, the princpal had to actually take Corya to class because she was determined not to leave me. I cried all the way to work and for 20 min’s after getting to work. “How could I leave my terrified lil girl.” This year she entered eleventh grade and I had tears because I’m very proud of how God has kept her and how motivated she is to stay on track. I cried when Caleb started daycare, and kindergarten. His daycare provider suggested someone else bring him because I was so afraid to let go. This year as we walked to the bus stop he advised me “no tear’s” it’s not cool and I’m a big boy now. I know God is with both of them.

  2. Oh my goodness…I cried every time one of my kids started a new school – including college. Including this past Sunday when we left Roland at college. Of course, I am a 1st-class cryer in general, which my kids know and tease me about all the time…sounds like you had a wonderful summer together!! praying you’ll have a Wonder – filled year!!

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