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Polish Problem

Every Sunday morning when we pull up in the parking lot at FBC, we are greeted by a couple of trustees who help us get everyone and everything out of the truck and into PB’s office.  When they open our doors, they never truly know what will be greeting them.  Almost always there’s a tired, cranky, crying cub or they join in on the search for a lost shoe, sock, glove or hat.  There’s always the chance of being greeted by a smelly diaper or sticky syrup-smudged fingers.  This morning, there was a new smell that greeted them when they opened the door.  Here’s the story…

I chipped the polish on one of my toes this morning and it wasn’t the quick touch-up type of chip, so I removed all of the polish just on that toenail.  The bottle of nail polish that I needed was downstairs in the kitchen because it seems I’m always doing a quick touch-up before walking out the door in the mornings.  So, my plan was to re-paint my toenail before leaving out.  Well, about ten minutes into our drive to the church, I realized that I had NOT painted my toenail, and I let out a soft gasp (PB would say it was loud shriek).  I had three options – ask PB to go back home (we were borderline late already), stop and buy more, or sit in PB’s office and listen to the service through the sound system.  There was NO WAY I was going into service this morning with one un-painted toenail!  It had nothing to do with the preacher’s wife not being “presentable.”  It had everything to do with being a person who is not confident enough in herself to walk proudly into service regardless of her one painted, or unpainted, toenail.  We made a quick stop at Target.  Everyone in the truck complained about the horrible smell that they had to endure while I put on three coats of polish trying to match my other nine toes.

As a result of my polish problem, I’ve found yet another area of weakness that I need to work on – putting my confidence in the Lord (Proverbs 3:26).  The next time I forget my polish, or snag my stockings, or put on one black shoe and one brown shoe, I’m going to try very hard to walk confidently into church or school and just be happy that I made it to my destination.  Well, maybe not to school just yet – children are brutally honest sometimes! Lol!

Speaking of school, I LOVE my new MVP’s!!  I think it’s going to be a good school year!  Cubs 1 and 2 had good first days of school, and Cubs 3 and 4 had a good first week of day care.  By Friday, Cub 3 was crying to stay and play at Mrs. Kelley’s house!  That’s evidence of answered prayers!  Here’s a picture of all the cubs on our second first day of school.  Have a great week everyone!

Peace and Blessings!


6 thoughts on “Polish Problem”

  1. I LOVE YOU so much! And I totally can relate. For me I went so long settling that I have to keep myself together as a reminder that I am important too. Nail polish seems insignificant, but this story blessed me. Can’t exactly verbalize why.

  2. I know *exactly* what you’re talking about. I keep nail polish, deodorant, and 2 pairs of City Flats (one black, one brown) in the minivan for just that reason.

    But I hate that feeling when even though I’ve gone through 5 outfit changes on a Sunday morning, what I did decide on still doesn’t feel right. And I feel self-conscious all service when in reality, no one is really paying attention. My confidence is lacking as well.

    1. Oh my goodness! Deodorant is the other “issue” I have!! Lol! I always forget it! Especially when I’m putting on a shirt that has the potential to swipe my underarm area. I need to pack a little bag to keep in our vehicle too!

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