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We’re Floating Away…

…not really, but it seems to be that way!  I have never had a school year start off like this!  First an earthquake, then a hurricane, now we are missing two days of school because of flash floods that have washed out roads throughout our county.  I normally look forward to snow days sometime between December and February, but now I’m hoping that all snow storms will bypass southern Maryland because we cannot afford to lose anymore days of school.  I want to be able to enjoy every second of my summer next year just like this summer.  Of course, I did not plan for having two days off.  I’m wasting some valuable teacher prep time because I did not bring home a lot of work on Wednesday evening.  I started the school year already feeling like I was two steps behind, and now I’m missing my opportunity to get two steps ahead.

I have a couple of things to share tonight.  Here’s the first:

Can anyone tell me what these are??  I’m guessing that they’re some type of mushroom? since it’s been raining forever around here.  They popped up throughout the mulch in our front yard and flies are attracted to them.  I would just like to figure out what they are before Cub 3 picks one as a flower or Cub 4 eats one.  If there are any plant experts out there, I’d appreciate some feedback.

The other thing I’d like to share is a new family project.  We are always looking for ways to get the cubs involved in being of service to others.  We have some very spoiled and sometimes ungrateful cubs, so whenever we have the opportunity to teach them ways of being kind and appreciative of what they are blessed to have we jump on it.  I took our sick and shut-in list from FBC and had the cubs decorate cards for them.  I’m planning to write an encouraging message inside each and we’ll be mailing them out over the weekend.  There were twenty-one names on the list, so each cub was responsible for decorating five cards (Cub 2 did an extra card).  I told them that our goal was to make someone smile, and they got right to work.  Cub 4 was the first to finish.  She scribbled on all of her cards in a matter of minutes and then began throwing crayons across the table, so I knew it was time to excuse her from the table.

Cub 3 cried because even though she was responsible for five cards, she ended up making seven cards and I had to stop her at seven.

Cub 2 loves to draw and did a great job of putting a lot of thought into each card.

Cub 1 started out interested, but ended up decorating cards that looked more like “let me hurry up and get this over with” rather than “let me draw something that will make someone smile.”

Overall, they did a great job with our new project.  It may not seem like much, but it’s so important to PB and I that our cubs learn to be grateful for what we have.  They definitely have more than what PB and I grew up with, and it seems that sometimes they have the attitude that we (the parents) are SUPPOSED to give them any and everything that they ask for or want.  How do you/did you handle that in your home?  We don’t give them everything they want, but they have so much more than what they need…and we want them to understand that some things are worth working for and earning on their own.  Hopefully, little projects like our Get Well/Thinking of You cards will help them to be concerned about others’ needs before themselves.

Peace and Blessings!


4 thoughts on “We’re Floating Away…”

  1. At first when I looked at your yard I thought it was the invasion of crabs coming back to haunt you guys from eating them this summer. It looks just like crab legs coming up from the ground. I think it is a wonderful thing that you and Pastor Kay have the kids doing. I try to instill that into the girls each and every day about how blessed they are to have the things that they have. I was really surprised by Ashlee this week (when we went school shopping) she showed me a side that I was not pleased with. But I am going to keep working on her if it is the last thing that I do. So thanks for drawing this to my attention even more. Just keep praying for me and I will do the same for you. LAWDY LAWDY HAVE MERCY (smh and lol!!!!)

  2. I love the card making project idea. Just the thought for the cubs doing this will make the sick and shut in folks smile. Keep up the good work, both of you are doing a wonderful job with the cubs.

  3. What a wonderful and thoughtful project. Was hoping and praying that all was well with my family and friends in Charles County.

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