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Use the Instructions

Just when I think God’s forgotten about me, He always lets me know He’s still listening.

Earlier in the spring I shared with you all my clouds, and I’m happy to report that everything has worked out like I knew that it would.  Cub 1 is attending the middle school that he wanted to attend, and there is a bus that drops him off in front of my school every afternoon so that he doesn’t have to be a latch-key cub.  We’ve found a great day care environment for Cubs 3 and 4.  They have adjusted well.  The weekly fees are definitely putting a huge hole in our bank account, but we are trusting God to provide what we need.  PB received his cancer-free status in July.  Yet, here I go again letting more clouds form.

I’ve been keeping a diary journaling for as long as I can remember.  I have books upon books documenting events in my life from the end of elementary school through last month.  From time to time, I’ll pull out an old journal and read about other clouds that have come and gone.  So, I know everything will work out, but I can’t shake the worry and anxiety that comes with not knowing the “how?”of situations.  Let me tell you, though, how awesome God is –

On Sunday, we had a guest preacher at FBC for Christian Education Sunday.  Rev. Lucious Dalton used 2 Timothy 3:16 – Every scripture passage is inspired by God.  All of them are useful for teaching, pointing out errors, correcting people, and training them for a life that has God’s approval. 

GOD: Did you hear that, my anxiety-filled child?

ME: Was that for me?

GOD: (shaking His head)

It was a reminder to look for my answers in the Word instead of trying to create the answers on my own, I guess.  On yesterday,  I met with a group of ladies that I’ve connected with through a web site called Leading and Loving It.  We have a group leader and there are ten of us from around the country who will be meeting once a month in a virtual community group to pray for and encourage one another.  One of the scriptures that my leader, Julia, had us discuss this month was 1 Peter 5:7 – Turn all your anxiety over to God because he cares for you.

GOD:  Did you catch that one?

ME:  I get it.  That was definitely for me!

GOD:  I got this!  Stop worrying about it and trust me!

I don’t know if I’ll ever stop worrying about issues that come and go, but I am learning that in order to persevere through these storm clouds, I have to make time to dive into the Word for my instructions on how to get through each day.  So, I look forward to sharing my testimony with you all about how God brings sunshine through my current clouds.  I have to get back to my homework, but be encouraged that whatever your situation, there’s an answer for it.  Just use your instructions.

Peace and Blessings!


7 thoughts on “Use the Instructions”

  1. Thank you for this blog! Sunday, the preschool / kindergarten class lesson was “Study your word! Hold on to your word”! The kids knew the “word” it was referring to was the bible. I advised them true it is the Bible, but also “it’s the text inside” the Bible. It’s those bible verses/stories your learning now that will carry you through life. Your topic today just confirmed what God is telling me, Lean on him and lessons in his textbook. Don’t lean on man’s word for answers.

  2. This one of your greatest that has been lingering on me. I too like the message that Pastor Dalton delivered on Sunday. FBC brings it on and out every Sunday. I am so glad that I “Know” any given Sunday at FBC I get spiritually fed. Thank God for leading me and guiding me along the way.

    1. I saw you listed as a group leader! How awesome! Too bad for me that my husband didn’t fit your criteria. 😦 I’m glad I’ve already connected with you!

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