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Truth Be Told…

I am struggling as the parent of a middle-schooler.  Every single day, I gain one new strand of gray hair.  As this season of “tween-ness” begins, let me apologize now for the many future posts that will come about because of my dear Cub 1.  Truth be told…you cannot motivate someone who does not want to be motivated.

I lost my dog, Kodi, at the beginning of the week.  She is a Shih Tzu, and my first-born.  It was the longest afternoon, evening, night, and morning ever.  PB let her out to use the bathroom, but forgot about her.  Normally, she’ll stand at the door until we open it, but someone or something caught her attention and she decided to explore the neighborhood.  Thankfully, someone found her in their backyard and called our number on her tag.  Apart from being a little dirty and having a little stomach bug, she was fine.  Truth be told…I love my dog!

Kodi Divine Kay with a fresh cut.

This site walking into PB’s office on a Sunday morning can mean only one thing…

Our after-church/before bible study snack!

…it’s bible study time!!  FBCNB has a unique bible study set up.  Adult bible study and church school for children are held on Saturday mornings.  Adult bible study is also held after our 9:00am Sunday morning service and on Wednesday mornings.  Every Sunday morning, from September through June, we are tempted by a dozen Dunkin Donuts to enjoy in between service and bible study.  Mmm!!  Truth be told…you can’t study the bible on an empty stomach!  Ha! Just kidding!  Truth be told…studying the bible is good for you!

I was invited to go see the movie, The Help, with some ladies from church.  I had read the book and wanted to see the movie, but if you are the parent of young children, you know that it’s rare for us to get to see an adult movie in an actual movie theater!  Long story short, I thought the movie was just as great as the book.  By the end of the movie all four of us were in tears and passing down the extra paper towels that were grabbed on the way out of the bathroom (good thinking, Melinda!) before the movie began.  Truth be told…a good cry every now and then is good for the soul!

My Tear-Sharing crew: Denise, Melinda, and Tracie

Feel free to share your “truth be tolds” also!  Have a great weekend!

Peace and Blessings!