Happy October!

Oh, how I LOVE the month of October!  It might have something to do with the fall weather – cool mornings and evenings with beautiful days stuck in between.  It could be flag football games.  Sitting through practices drives me crazy, but I LOVE game day!

Cub 2 - Go Cowboys!
Cub 1 - Go Chargers!

I can’t say for sure, but it could be the excitement of ending the month with all types of irresistable candy and my “no holds barred” rule with CANDY CORN!  Maybe I love October because it’s the month in which PB and I got married.  Fourteen years on the 25th!

Me and my PB!

I can’t decide why, but it’s just a great month!  So, I’ve been in this stop-and-smell-the-roses type of mood recently.  I’m really trying to make a conscientious decision to savor events that happen in my everyday life, and to cherish my interactions with family and friends more than I have in the past.  You know how when you first put a new roll of toilet paper in place, you don’t think twice about how much you take off of the roll?  Then, when it starts to get close to the end, you’re more likely to take just enough squares to get by so that it will last longer (or so that you are not the one who ends up having to change the roll?).  Well, I’m in the “only take five squares of toilet paper” kind of mood.

How long do I have to enjoy my girls not minding being dressed alike?

How long do I have before Cub 2 stops wanting to hold my hand just because?

I hope I never tire of having my MVP’s give me big hugs out of nowhere!

I never want to get so fed up with paperwork and politics that I lose my love of teaching.

I don’t want to spend so much time providing for my cubs that I don’t spend enough time with my cubs.

Love hanging out with this crew!

What’s the point?  Am I asking you to use less toilet paper?  No!  Well…we are in a recession and could stand to save a little.  Really, my point is to remind you that sometimes it’s best to take a step back and cherish the moment.  We will never see this day again.  We should never take for granted that things will always be a certain way.  Enjoy life!

Peace and Blessings!


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