The Blame Game

October 16-22nd is ADHD Awareness Week.  So, I thought I’d make you aware…

Daily notes home from the teacher.  His most favorite of favorite toys all taken away.  Spanking after spanking.  No privileges.  We knew something just wasn’t right. 

After talking with his pediatrician, his teachers, and doctors at Children’s Hospital, we were told that Cub 1 displayed ADHD behaviors. 

Of course our first thoughts were that we were AWFUL parents! Cub 1 being “labeled” was a reflection of us! Fortunately, as we are learning more and more about this disorder, we are learning more and more about ourselves and how to best help Cub 1.

So, throughout this ADHD Awareness Week, I’ll share our ups and downs as we continue to help our first-born cub.


4 thoughts on “The Blame Game”

  1. Thank you, for sharing your experiences about ADHD and cub 1. Since my lil man has been diagnosed with ADHD, I’ve blamed myself for him having this condition. I’ve wondered what I did wrong and how I could fix this. I realize this label doesn’t make my child any less special. He can still acheive all of his dreams. I’ve stop playing the “Blame Game”, and now I’m trying to be an advocate for my son. I was referred to CHAD by Children’s National Medical Center. Please continue to share information.

  2. My husband has ADD (minus the H) but when he was a kid it was just called being a boy. 🙂 Now his ADD makes him an excellent communicator and problem solver. Now his testimony includes talking about his ADD as a gift from God that has made him the preacher that he is today. I am thankful for the teachers who were patient with him and his parents who found ways to turn a possible weakness into one of his greatest strengths. I pray that you may see God use your precious cub’s ADHD as a tool for His glory!

    1. My husband has it too (plus the H)! It’s certainly a blessing now for him, and I hope that we can help our cub discover his gifts as he learns to make it work for him and not against him. Thank you so much for sharing!

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