Oh No! We Forgot!

October 16-22nd is ADHD Awareness Week.  So, I thought I’d make you aware…

It’s the end of the school day and I’m waiting for my sweet 1st grader to walk down the hall with the rest of his class.  I spot Cub 1 and his teacher,  Mrs. St. Onge (bless her heart!) walking together and the look on her face said it all!  “Someone” didn’t remember to give Cub 1 his medicine that day!  Mrs. St. Onge could definitely see the difference in his work ethic.  Another amazing accomplishment we saw in Cub 1 was that his reading level jumped from being below grade-level to above grade-level in a matter of months!  Concerta did not make him smarter, but being able to focus in class made a huge difference in what he was able to retain during instruction.

We’ve forgotten to give Cub 1 his medicine many times since then, but if it happens (and we notice) we are sure to give the teachers a heads-up that the day may not be very productive.  Students with ADHD, whether it be the hyperactivity, impulsivity or inattentive-type, are challenging in a classroom of 25 students or more.  Truthfully, they are challenging even if they are in a room all by themselves!  Last year, our county brought in this awesome artist named Ben Glenn “The Chalk Guy” at the beginning of the school year.  He tells his story through drawing pictures with chalk on a huge canvas in a matter of minutes!  He attributes his success to having ADHD and he gives credit to his teachers who didn’t give up on him.  He has learned to use his diagnosis to develop and nurture the gifts with which he has been blessed.  He certainly lifted our spirits as teachers last year by thanking us for all that we do for students.

Over the years Cub 1 has had THE most understanding teachers ever!  I would say that it had something to do with me being their colleague, but I’ve had the privilege of seeing them in action with other students like Cub 1, and I can honestly say that they go the extra mile for all of their students.  So, to Miss Pitak, Mrs. St. Onge, Mrs. Sidney, Mrs. Waldrop, Mrs. Alley, Mr. Good, Mrs. Hayden, and Mrs. Hollomon, we are truly grateful for the seeds you have planted in Cub 1!

Peace and Blessings!