Bountiful Breakfasts

October 16-22nd is ADHD Awareness Week.  So, I thought I’d make you aware…

When parents make the decision to use medication to manage ADHD, there are consequences that arise due to the side effects.  I have heard mostly about the inability to fall asleep, moodiness, and lack of appetite.  Cub 1 is definitely with the majority in that Concerta takes his appetite away during the day.  We always make sure that he has a good breakfast to ensure that he doesn’t take his medicine on an empty stomach (because that’s another whole list of side effects) and because by lunch time, it’s impossible to get him to eat anything fulfilling.  His biggest growth spurts have always been during the summer when he isn’t taking medication.  He’s also a big eater on the weekends.  We laugh at how much he can fit into his little body from around 10 o’clock at night until the next morning.

Everything in our house works on a schedule which is best for children with ADHD.  We even have a food and snack schedule in order to make sure that what we buy on Mondays lasts until the next Monday…doesn’t always work, but we still try!  Our kitchen officially shuts down at 7:00pm – no more dishes can be used and no more food and drink is consumed unless it has no calories (basically, water).  We have compromised with Cub 1 who is now allowed to have one more 9:00 snack because he is usually still working on homework, the Concerta is leaving his system, and he is starting to get hungry!  If we would let him, I think he would eat all night!

When Grand-momma Bear lived with us, she took pity on Cub 1 and would fix him a big breakfast every morning.  Even though PB and I called it “spoiling” him, it really was exactly what he needed to start his day.  So, now that G-MB is no longer with us, I’ve been getting up each school morning to fix a big breakfast for Cub 1, as well as the rest of the cubs.  They all get to benefit from Cub 1’s need for more than just a bowl of cereal each morning.

Now, for those who may not know, PB is the cook in our family.  He enjoys cooking for us and we just enjoy eating.  That’s not to say that I can’t cook…I just don’t.  However, I’ve never had a problem fixing breakfast food until this morning.  Cub 2 likes waffles for breakfast.  We didn’t have anymore frozen waffles, so I decided that I would try to use PB’s waffle maker.  How hard could it be?  All I needed was pancake mix, right?  After heating up the waffle maker and getting Cub 2’s hopes up, I soon discovered that I needed a few more ingredients, plus the measurements were for 12 waffles and I only needed two!  So, I decided to improvise.  I think it would have been okay except I couldn’t quite decide on how to change one egg into one half of an egg!  Still, I mixed everything together and poured it into the waffle maker.  I waited until all of the steam had stopped like the directions instructed and lifted the lid.  Cub 2 said, “Mom, you have to take a picture of this!”  So I did!

I think I need a little more practice with the waffles! LOL!

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. Your waffles look exactly like mine did, before I turned that responsibility over to Wil, and then Matt. They make and then eat BEAUTIFUL waffles.

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