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October 16-22nd is ADHD Awareness Week.  So, I thought I’d make you aware…
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Organization is a MUST for children with ADHD.  Cub 1 has always thrived with routines.  Expecting the same thing to happen at the same time every day makes life easy.  This is one of the reasons why he is having such a hard time finding his rhythm in middle school.  At  his school, they have A and B days.  On A days he has four classes and on B day he has four classes again, but not the same classes.  Add to that the extra-curricular activities on regular days of the week, and it becomes confusing for all of us!

When Cub 1 was younger (and really, still today) walking into his room was total chaos!  He would start to put a puzzle together, but wouldn’t finish it.  He would pull out his Backugan balls and trading cards, but would get bored with that.  He would decide to color in a coloring book, but wouldn’t finish the picture.  He would get distracted with pulling the paper off of the crayons he was using.  He put screwdriver size holes in his wall because he found that it didn’t take much effort to push it through the sheet rock.  So, to walk into his room was (and is) putting your life at risk, but for him it was a just a good day of playing in his room.

Handling organizational skills is much like any other child, I think.  We use lots of different sized containers for toys, his dresser drawers are labeled with words and pictures, we have a calendar that is personalized for each of us so that he can see what is coming up.  We are working on getting him organized at school (pray much!) so that classwork and homework are being completed and turned in regularly.  Like all children, consistent routines and schedules make the world a better place for children and adults with ADHD.  Please share any organizational tips that have been successful for you through the comment tab on this page, on Facebook, or email!  I’m always looking for new and improved ways to keep our insanity level down!

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  1. One thing that helped my oldest when she entered middle school was a big binder with an accordion folder included. She takes it to every class and always has paper. It also gave her a place to put all of her papers/hw/quizzes/study guides for every class, and since she always took this binder to every class she always had her assignments. She may forget her book in her locker but at least there was no chance of her forgetting her assignments…:)
    I love the chart/schedule you have. I just got a dry erase one for our fridge and have started using it. It’s so handy and the kiddos love looking at our week at a glance! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I LOVE the accordian-style folder idea! I think that would prevent the crumbled papers at the bottom of his backpack. He has a binder, but the notebook isn’t staying in very well. Composition books are great, but they don’t work with the binder. :/ Thanks for a new idea to try!

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