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Like Father, Like Son

October 16-22nd is ADHD Awareness Week.  So, I thought I’d make you aware…

There is research that links ADHD to being hereditary…and you can take a wild guess as to who I think the link would be in our family! Although, he has not fully grasped the idea that he could have ADHD, PB is!  PB is our proof that there is light at the end of the tunnel for Cub 1.  He is not doomed to a life of never being able to complete a task or be successful.


PB can put together a 40-minute sermon (plus or minus 30 minutes 🙂 ) without any notes, outlines, or manuscripts and deliver it all in an organized, understandable, spirit-filled way that amazes me every Sunday!  His recollection of historical events is unbelievable, however getting him to remember what is planned for the next day is sometimes a challenge.  He has learned coping skills like writing down appointment dates and times as soon as he gets them (thankful for his Blackberry!) and keeping papers organized in binders.

Cub 1 can tell you anything you want to know about lawnmowers, weedeaters, and cutting grass.  I have no doubt that we will always have the most emaculate landscaped yard ever because he cannot stand looking at unkept lawns.  Eventually, his maturity level and brain development will work together in harmony for his good!

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. My husband doesn’t use notes either and people are AMAZED! I, personally, would be amazed if he had the focus to sit down long enough to write notes AND remember to bring them to church AND actually follow them during his sermon! 🙂 So true that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakness! Thanks for sharing your stories here- love your insight!

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