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What if…?

Yesterday, we received our portrait from Olan Mills that we took for our new church directory.  Considering our appointment time was very late and we were all starving, we managed to choose one pose that could be used in the directory.

PB and I always talk about “what if’s” during this time of the year because it’s our anniversary month (in fact, it’s today).  It was the summer of 1995 when we met at Mary Washington College, now the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  PB began his summer working at Olan Mills, but was fired when he wouldn’t work on Sundays (he might tell you that he quit).  That’s when he considered being a counselor for the Upward Bound program at Mary Washington.  My sister was going to be his boss and she needed another female counselor.  I started my summer working in the mall, but since I didn’t have a car and had to rely on my sister to take me and pick me up from work, it made since for me to work with her.  So the “what if’s” that we talk about are

What if I had decided to stay at home that summer?

What if my sister hadn’t suggested me for the job?

What if PB hadn’t been fired from (or quit) Olan Mills?

What if Mary Washington didn’t have an Upward Bound program that summer?

Would I have met the love of my life eventually?  Sometimes, I think about God’s blessings and timing and I become incredibly grateful and thankful!

What if God didn’t show me grace and mercy?  What if  Jesus hadn’t died for me?  What if He treated me like I sometimes treat Him?

Take a quick break and thank God for his perfect timing.

Peace and Blessings!


6 thoughts on “What if…?”

  1. Seriously, those kids get cuter in every picture!!! I could eat Cub 1 up in those glasses!!!! Great picture!

  2. The picture is beautiful!! Happy Anniversary to you both! We pray that God will bless you with many more years of love and happiness. And, many years from now when you celebrate your anniversary with teens and young adults in your household you will have a “new” list of What If’s. “What If” you had not found your way to FBC… ??? God blessed you then and will continue to bless your marriage, your home and your family. In HIS time – and that’s ALWAYS a blessing!!

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