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I Was Right!

It’s very RARE for me to find myself in a situation where I get to say loud and clear “I TOLD YOU SO!” and today was one of those days!  I should be fast asleep, but I just had to share my “I told you so” moments.

When Cub 3 was still an infant, my aunt sent us the cutest little pair of fairy rain boots.  Finally, last year she was able to wear them and boy, did she ever!  She wore them everywhere we would let her.  We managed to get them away from her (I can’t really remember how) until she found them in the back of the closet last night.  Of course, she’s had a growth spurt since she last wore them and now her feet are too big for the boots.  Our determined little cub crammed her feet down into those rainboots anyway and decided that she was going to wear them to her day care this morning.  PB thought she had forgotten about it this morning and he put her regular tennis shoes on her, but Cub 3 had other plans.  She didn’t whine or  complain…she just simply walked to her room and changed her shoes herself!  Although we had warned her that they were too small, it was a “choose your battle” type of morning and it just wasn’t worth a meltdown to have her change back to her regular comfy-fitting shoes.  She still had them on this afternoon, but by the time we made it upstairs for bath time she said, “Mommy, can you take these boots off because my feet are HURTING!”  {I TOLD YOU SO!}  Cub 3 has now decided that we can give the boots to Cub 4!

Cub 3's Fairy Rainboots

Also (I was really on a roll today!) PB woke up with a very irritated eye – like PINK eye…every teacher’s nightmare.  I told him he had pink eye, a couple of my co-workers agreed this morning when he dropped by, and the other ministers in the church office questioned it as well.  His response – “I don’t have pink eye!  I’m just tired.  My eyes are always red!”  Over and over again I told him to get it checked out because it was highly contagious and soon it would begin to itch.  When I got home from work this evening, he went to Patient First (they know us pretty well there).  So, what did the doctor say? {I TOLD YOU SO!} He has pink eye!  PB might say that the doctor said his eye was pink, but didn’t actually call it “pink eye”  although he came home with a prescription and orders to stay away from work and the cubs.  Ha!  So, he’s earned a night in the basement because of our part-time family bed situation that I talked about here.

Of course, he wouldn't pose for pic!

Don’t you just love when you’re right about something?  Well, not all the time, because I don’t think someone being right about their spouse cheating on them or something else devastating would be happy about having an “I told you so” moment.  But, I gladly take credit for the lessons learned by Cub 3 and PB today!  Enjoy your weekend, blog family!

Peace and Blessings!


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