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Timing Is Everything

I’ve made it to Day 8 of my 21-Day fast from meats.  Some days are easier than others.  After my 24-hour liquid fast last Monday, I wasn’t sure I had made a good choice.  Normal, every day events were magnified.  Cub 2’s “Mmm. Mmm. Mmm!” after biting into a nice crispy strip of bacon that I cooked for him was said with a lot more emphasis than normal.  One of my students came into class last week and told me that it was his Dad’s birthday and they were going to Longhorn Steakhouse that night for dinner.  On any other day that would have been no big deal, but on this particular morning I thought to myself that he was just being down-right cruel to tell me about an outing to my most favorite restaurant for a juicy piece of steak!!

When I feel myself getting weak, I think to myself “Lord, I’m depending on you to get me through this moment/meal/day/week” and I keep going.  It works!  Everytime, it works and there’s usually some type of instant recognition for me getting through it.  I’ve been reading a book by Jentezen Franklin who says

The discipline of fasting breaks you out of the world’s routine.  It is a form of worship-offering your body to God as a living sacrifice is holy and pleasing to God (Rom. 12:1).  The discipline of fasting will humble you, remind you of your dependency on God, and bring you back to your first love.  It causes the roots of your relationship with Jesus to go deeper.

Both my sister and the cubs’ godmother are at home recovering, and He’s even thrown in some “surprise” blessings for my family (don’t you just love receiving unexpected blessings?).

The timing of my fast brings about my blog thought for tonight.  This week is the 7th anniversary of my Poppa Bear’s (mPB) passing.  How time flies!  Back in 2004, mPB had to change his eating habits when his health issues first began and as a result he lost a lot of weight and needed to update his wardrobe.  So, I bought him an outift for Christmas that unfortunately, he never had the opportunity to wear.  I still have the outfit in a hall closet.  The outfit caught my eye when I was putting away some bath towels on Sunday evening.  Also on Sunday, I wore a special necklace that changed my whole perspective of mPB’s outfit when I took it off at the end of the day.  My necklace was given to me by the mother of a like-a-sister friend of PB.  Her daughter was killed in an accident during her senior year of high school and she had bought the necklace for her 18th birthday that unfortunately, she never had the opportunity to wear.  After PB and I got married, she gave the necklace to me, and I’ve always cherished it.  So, I think that I’m ready to give mPB’s outfit away.  I feel that someone, somewhere will be able to use this outfit.  It may even play an important part in some man’s life.  The timing is right.

My Special Necklace

I don’t think that this being mPB’s anniversary week AND putting away the towels to remind me that the outfit was there AND wearing my special necklace – while fasting – is coincidental.  I’ll donate mPB’s outfit this week and I’ll think to myself once again, “Lord, I’m depending on you to get me through this moment.”  He’ll be proud of me for depending on Him and Him alone.

Timing is everything.  Is it time for you to depend on Him, too?

Peace and Blessings!


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