11 in ’11: #6 – Find a Twichild

You may not have heard of the word “twichild” (twi + child), but you do know plenty of them!  Twichildren are what we now call senior citizens.  A few weeks ago, PB and I had the opportunity to sit around a dinner table with some of the most amazing twichildren we know at First Baptist.  Their stories of struggle, celebration, parenting, and marriage gave us hope that things will get better, and we’ll be stronger having gone through these experiences together.  They’ve also taught us how to party!  My camera could barely capture all of the fun from Senior Prom night back in September!

Line dancing is a must!
Soul Train Line

Do you want the best advice in the world?  Find some twichildren to talk to!  They are awesome!

Peace and Blessings!