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11 in ’11: #5 – Lose and Learn

This year Cub 2’s flag football team did not win one game…not one.  If you ask him whether or not he wants to play flag football again he would eagerly say yes!  He is not scarred for life because they did not win the Super Bowl and earn a trophy.  He was happy with the satisfaction of knowing that he had done his best, but had more that he needed to work on.  When we have our family game nights or any other competitive match-up, I don’t allow the cubs to win.  They have to learn the game, learn the strategies, learn to problem solve on their own, so that when/if that day finally comes and they beat their MB, it will be a day that they’ll never forget!

Encouragement and support are great for children, but it’s also okay to let them fall and learn the lesson on their own.

Peace and Blessings!