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Minus One

“You guys can still order pizza tomorrow,” said Cub 2.

“Thank you for your permission,” replied PB, “but, we were going to order it anyway!”

This was part of the conversation heard on Thursday night as Cub 2 packed his bag.  Cub 2 would not be joining us for our normal pizza and movie night because he was invited to a friend’s house for a sleepover.  He was super excited and worked really hard all week to keep his chatty self from flipping his behavior card in class in order to go to his friend’s house.  There are three other teachers at my school with 2nd graders.  Three of them (including Cub 2) are boys.  They spend most mornings before-school and afternoons after-school playing [they might say they’re helping other teachers] throughout the school.  So, he left with his buddies on Friday afternoon after giving me two hugs and getting assurance that he could call if his fear of big dogs (his friend has one) was too much for him to make it through the night.

When I picked him up this morning, although he was upset about having to leave so early, he had PLENTY to talk about.  The most exciting event was making a fort/spaceship out of a big box that he played and ate in.  He was happy to be able to bring his box home.

Although the Den is always busy, loud, and full of entertainment, it was definitely noticeable that someone was missing.  Cubs 3 and 4 especially missed their big brother.  Cub 3 was excited to hear that it was time to pick him up this morning.  Cub 4 spent the afternoon getting in her time with Cub 2.

I was very proud of Cub 2 for not letting his fears hinder his sleepover fun with his friends!  The Den was back to its normal noise level tonight and I was content having our complete Party of Six back together again!  Cub 2 called it a night rather early…I don’t expect to hear from him until morning.

Worn out!

Lesson learned:  Don’t let fear get in the way of accomplishing what’s important to you.  Face your “big dogs” and keep moving toward your goal!

Peace and Blessings!

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  1. You are absolutely right, as a child I was scared of German Shepherds because I had one chase me and took my shoe off. I ran home crying. It was when I moved into my house that I wanted a dog. Lo and behold, I decided to get one as a puppy. I am so glad that I did. Sassy is a great dog and she is very protective of all kids, whether she has seen you a thousand times or just seeing you for the first time! Everybody that comes to my house wants to take her, but it’s off limits. Between Miguel and I we did not have a hard time training her at all. I am thinking about getting another one just so she can have company when I am away from home. So I am so happy for the comment you made about “facing fear”.

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