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Acknowledge the Blessings

The majority of my weekend has been spent working on projects with Cubs 1 and 2. Cub 1 is preparing to enter his science fair project in the county fair. He placed 2nd in his school’s fair a few months ago. He compared different propeller lengths to see if their speed varied using a fan as the source of power. Now, he’s using a battery as a source of power and he’s going to see if his results differ. How I wish he would apply his excitement for science experiments to other school subjects.

Wiring that I don't quite understand, but as long as he doesn't blow up the house or himself, I'm fine!

Cub 2 is working on a famous African American project. He had to choose a person who had accomplished at least three significant events in their life. He chose Will Smith and is presenting him on a poster board that has to have a timeline and three pictures with captions representing the three significant events.

We’ve been working on both projects over the past week and I had hoped to be completely finished with both BEFORE this weekend, but life happens!  After church school on Saturday, I spent the rest of the evening helping out both cubs.  I searched the internet for pictures of Will Smith, I took Cub 1 to Lowe’s to look for a little rubber thing to keep the propellers in place while spinning on the motor, I cut out pictures of Will Smith, I taped wires down to help keep the motor in place while propellers were spinning…and before I knew it, it was evening and I realized I had not accomplished anything that I had planned to do!  I didn’t get any laundry done, I didn’t get any papers graded, I didn’t get any lesson plans done, I didn’t get to comb the girls’ hair, I didn’t clean the kitchen after dinner…and to top it all off the cubs were starting to complain about my pace.They started to ask about if I was finished doing this or that and they snuck in a little tv time while waiting for me to do my part.  So, I went ahead and took my name out of the hat for the 2012 Mother of the Year Award and let them know how I was feeling. I ended my rant with a question something like “why am I doing all of this while you all watch tv?” Cub 2 replied matter-of-factly “Because you love us. You always put us first ahead of yourself and I’m gonna get a check plus” and Cub 1 agreed.

They noticed. They acknowledged and noticed what I had been doing…and that’s all I needed to hear!  They could’ve asked me for anything at that moment and I would’ve bent over backwards to get it done for them even if that meant that I wouldn’t get my own work completed.  That’s because I interpreted their acknowledgement as a thank you.

How often does God bless us and we forget to say thank you, or even acknowledge that what we were given was a blessing from Him?  Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!  For His mercy endures forever.  Psalm 118:1  He will bend over backwards to give you what you want and need if you remember to say thank you!

The Final Project

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. In their book you have already won the “Mother of the Year” award! This is the stuff memories are made of. Continue to thank God for your four wonderful blessings!

  2. You’re such a good mom!! As long as they appreciate your efforts and you know they do you can’t not be there for them even if it means everything else doesn’t get done 😉

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