Don’t Drown!

Saturday on our way home from church school, Cub 3 began to tell us about her lesson. [Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Cub 3’s teachers?!]. She told us how this man, Peter, was in a boat and he saw Jesus and he was walking on the water. Then Peter walked on the water, too. PB and I just smiled our “that’s why we love our church” smile at each other after telling her what a good job she did.

Then Cub 2 said, “But, Peter drowned.”

That’s when Cub 1 chimed in and said, “Peter didn’t drown!”

Cub 2 replied, “Oh yeah, he was drowning because he stopped looking at Jesus, but he didn’t drown.”

I am so thankful for my cubs and the lessons that they teach me and/or remind me about every day.

This week I’m reminded to stay focused on Jesus so that I don’t drown! I’m praying that you all walk on water this week!

Peace and Blessings!


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