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My Multiple Meaning Moment

We made it to Spring Break!!  I love that our Spring Break is squished in between two very busy weekends at the church.  It means that we can take long naps!!

Yesterday, all of the cubs had to be at church for rehearsals.  Cubs 2, 3 and 4 were finished in about an hour, but Cub 1 had to be there pretty much all day.  PB was in and out and all about yesterday, but eventually ended up back at the church to pick up Cubs 1 and 2.  We had already anticipated a crazy day so we had planned ahead to drive separately for the day.  The girl cubs and I had to run a few errands before heading home.  First, we had lunch at McDonald’s.  Then, we stopped for a few items at Target.  Before starting our venture through Target, we took a bathroom break.  Cub 4 is in the Pull-Ups stage, so it’s always a priority to be proactive in getting her to the bathroom BEFORE she asks to go (because it’s usually too late!).

When we walked into the bathroom there was a line because out of the four stalls, only one had toilet paper.  So that I don’t bore you to death with the drama of having no toilet paper, I’ll fast forward to us actually making it into a stall successfully.  This sweet lady who had just finished ahead of us left out and brought me a huge wad of toilet paper from somewhere for me and the girls to use.  So, we gratefully marched into the handicapped-accessible stall.  Right when I got Cub 4 situated on the toilet, I heard the complaining begin…

I don’t know why she had to use this stall!

I can’t sit down and get up on my own!

I need to hold on to something!

This is ridiculous!

After having it register in my brain that this “stall stalker” was actually talking about me, I reacted very sympathetically by rushing Cub 4 to hurry so that we could get out quicker.  We didn’t do our normal “big girl” dance for Cub 4, and I was trying to get Cub 3’s jeans unbuttoned and ready to jump on right after Cub 4.  In the stressful process, my sympathy turned to annoyance – I had the right to use that stall just as much as she did, and I had planned on telling her exactly what I thought about her comments when we were through!  If you’ve ever had to go into a public bathroom with a 2- and 3- year old at the same time, then you know it’s near impossible to fit into one cramped little stall.  Being handicapped doesn’t just mean that you must have a physical disability.  It has multiple meanings and the one that applied to my using the handicapped accessible stall was that I had two toddlers who needed my help with using the bathroom.  Unfortunately, by the time we were finished in the stall, the lady was gone.  In fact, everyone was gone!  I think God planned for her to be out of the bathroom because I was not preparing to apologize for using the bathroom and causing her to wait, but I did want to explain MY interpretation of “handicap”.  I wanted her to know that I understood her reasons for needing the stall, but I needed her to understand my reasons also.

Has that ever happened to you?  No, not a fight over a bathroom stall!  I’m talking about having your words or actions interpreted in a way that was totally different from what you had planned!  When it happens, how do you handle it?  Do you defend yourself?  Do you let it go?  I have to admit that I couldn’t let it go (obviously, I’m writing about it).  I didn’t have the opportunity to explain to the stall stalker my reasons for using the handicapped-accessible stall.  It bothers me that I was interpreted wrong and I can’t do anything about it.

After we left Target, we made a stop at Payless and spent at least 30 minutes trying out the purses, shades, necklaces, headbands, and other items on the kids’ accessories wall.  It was tough for Cubs 3 and 4 to choose just one item each, but Cub 3 found sunglasses and Cub 4 chose a necklace.  Here they are this morning before church with their new items which they traded for the picture!

I love my girl cubs!!

Peace and Blessings!


6 thoughts on “My Multiple Meaning Moment”

  1. Precious young ladies! Love the bows and the sunglasses! Ah, the bathroom stories that we all share!

    Love and Blessed Easter to you all, Lynda

  2. Hey Evelyn, when I see her I will give her a piece of my mind for you. You have every right in doing what you did. I have a legal handicap and as so, I say that not everyone with a handicap has to look disable. Right on to you, and I have to laugh, because God knows when we want to really give it to someone, somehow, he manages to let us remain humble, BUT HE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT! Some times when this happens, I feel like, dag God, couldn’t you just let me get this one out.

  3. You had every right to use the handicap stall with or without the girls. I always use the handicap stall. People are funny! I have definitely been where you were but not always as polite as you were. I have been working on myself because in the old days, she and I would have had an exchange of words with me in the stall and her waiting! LOL!! I am glad that that part of me has changed tremendously.

    It goes without saying that I LOVE those two little girls! They look so cute!!

    P.S. Cub 3 found the necklace and Cub 4 the sunglasses?


  4. Where is she and what Target was this?????? You know some people think that the world revolves around them and they really do show their real self. Anyone with two eyes could have seen a mom with two little girls needed that stall quicker then they. If she had to go that bad she should have went to aisle 3 and picked up some Depends. The little ladies look fabulous in their accessories. Work It!!!!!

  5. Adventurous day. I always use the handicapped toilet if vacant because the other stalls are so NARROW!! And I don’t apologize for it. You’re so right, there are several definitions for handicapped. I like Walmart because they have a family bathroom with both sizes of toilets and the room is large enough that you can accomplish whatever needs to be done. LOL
    The girls look cute with their purchases.

  6. I love this. I always go to the handicap one. Most reason is because 9 times out of 10 it’s the cleanest stall. It has more room for me to hang my purse or jacket up and I don’t feel closed in. Look at the beautiful Princesses this is Priceless!

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