The Day After

It’s the day after – NOW.  Practicing poems, plays, dance moves…Easter eggs to dye…buying accessories for the new Easter outfits…sitting in the barber shop or beauty salon…buying prepared Easter baskets or things to go in Easter baskets being made…finalizing where to eat dinner or what to cook for dinner…getting to bed early for Easter sunrise service…preparation for the EXCITEMENT of Easter.

It’s the day after – THEN.  Tears…confusion…sadness…fear…can’t stop thinking about watching Jesus hanging on the cross…taking his last breath…feeling alone…what now?!

THEN was not like NOW.

THEN, they had been taught that all of the events leading up to the day after crucifixion had to come to pass. However, their human side may have not allowed them to be excited about what was supposed to happen next.

NOW, it’s easy for us to get excited! We know the story! We know what’s coming next!

In the busyness of this day after Good Friday, take the time to reflect on tomorrow’s empty tomb. Resurrection is coming!

Peace and Blessings!