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Just NOT Listening!!

It just seems appropriate with Mother’s Day quickly approaching, that my cubs would want to really make sure I’ve earned every card, craft, and gift that I’ll hug and kiss them for on Sunday.

Cub 1 confessed to not turning in his schedule of classes for next year which was due last Friday.  This means his desire to switch from band to related arts could be jeopardized, as well as a few of his other classes.  Although I was irritated with him because all he had to do was get us to sign it and turn it back in last Friday, I’ve decided that if he really wants to change, then he can figure out who to talk to in order to make any changes…I’m not calling anybody at his school.

Just NOT listening!!

Everyday after school, I have to spend time searching for Cub 2 when it’s time to leave.  We’ve had the conversation over and over again that he is to stay in my room, yet he always finds an excuse for leaving out and “forgetting” to come back and tell me where he is.  Today, it was the same routine.  I found him playing in the gym (which is not allowed) so he is spending the evening in his room.

Just NOT listening!!

Since Cubs 1 and 2 had put me in a foul mood, I was looking forward to picking up my happy girl cubs at day care to brightened my day.  I picked up Cub 4  first and her running towards me saying “Mommy!” was just what I needed!  We proceeded to Cub 3’s classroom only to find that they were outside on the playground.  Cub 3 saw us coming and yelled, “I don’t wanna go home!”  Yeah, it’s cute the first time because it’s understandable that she wants to be able to continue to play with her friends.  But, by the third time…it’s no longer cute.  I tried to be polite.  She had her back turned to me.  I called her by her first and middle names together (which is supposed to indicate that I’m serious).  Back still turned.  I counted to three.  Still turned.  Now, if I actually have to walk towards her to remove her physically, she knows the next step is a spanking.  So, I took the first step towards her and she turned around and bursts into tears.  She takes just enough steps towards me to make me think she’s coming, but she stops again!

Just NOT listening!!

We finally make it to the truck and by this time, I don’t want anybody to make a sound, or say anything!  It would’ve been okay with me if they had just held their breath all the way home!  Cub 4, Miss Wanna-do-Everything-for-Myself, was upset because I wouldn’t take the time to let her climb into the truck and into her carseat by herself.  When I finally got her into her seat to buckle her in, I discovered this:

It’s green marker all over her jeans!  Oh, but, wait!  It gets better!

I just couldn’t believe it!  I laughed and laughed!  At first, the other cubs weren’t sure if they were allowed to laugh or not, but we were all cracking up at the mess Cub 4 had made of her jeans and legs by the time we pulled out of the parking lot!  I can’t really end this story because I have yet to figure her out.  I’m assuming PB took her to school looking this way this morning because her teachers said nothing about it when I picked her up!  You’ll have to check my Afterthoughts page tomorrow to find out how Cub 4 changed herself into body art!  I’m 100% sure that it has something to do with her just NOT listening!!

Dear God, please give us the patience, wisdom, and strength to view our children as the perfect souls that you made them to be; even when they’re just NOT listening.  Amen.

Peace and Blessings!


13 thoughts on “Just NOT Listening!!”

  1. Ok MB, is Cub 4 trying to get into the tattoo art….please don’t do it…drop the marker and step back. I can relate to this blog with you whole-heartedly not only kids but teen-agers too. Just not listening perfect title.

    1. Karen, I was hoping to hear that it gets better, not continues into the teenage years! I’m going to be pleading with the Lord to give me patience by then!

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