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Far Away Friends

One more day of school left for the kids; four more days for me!  At this point last year, I was getting excited about my girlfriends’ weekend in New York City!  We don’t have any plans for this summer…yet!

In February 2004, we moved from beautiful Winston-Salem, North Carolina to busy, congested northern Virginia, and I was NOT a happy camper!  I had just finished my Master’s degree, I was teaching the grade level I wanted to teach, at the school where I wanted to work, we lived in a beautiful home with great neighbors, and we were expecting Cub 2.  In addition to feeling like everything was right with life in North Carolina, I had made some amazing friends through the cohort that I was a part of at UNCG.  I miss them a bunch and frequently get jealous when I hear about them getting together for lunch or dinner without me!  Since leaving NC, I’ve managed to see them at least once or twice a year though.

Now, Elizabeth is getting ready to move to Japan for the next three years!  Even though we’ve had plenty of time to prepare for this move, it’s been such a heart tugger because I won’t be able to hop in the car or pick up the phone (without taking time zones into account) to tell Elizabeth all about what’s happening with me, nor will she be able to do the same.  Even though the Party of Six made a quick trip to Greensboro to say sayonara to my dear friend, I’m still going to miss her like crazy unless I can convince PB (a.k.a. Paco) to send me to Japan to visit within the next three years!

I have some great “far away friends” that I sometimes fail to check on regularly.  Actually, right now one of my “far away friends” and I – who only lives 30 minutes away that I haven’t seen since her wedding last year {eh hem…eh hem} – are planning a lunch date through Facebook.  So, I’m just curious…how do you keep in touch with your far away friends??

Peace and Blessings!


2 thoughts on “Far Away Friends”

  1. Constant emails, and cards out of the blue. Me and my gal pals once a week if not everyday get on email and have a group chat about anything. Even if it’s just to say we love each other. And we all live right here but our hectic lives don’t not allow us to see each other as often. The wonderful world of technology at its best – Skype!!

    Hang in there you will be fine.

    1. I have a Skype account, but I’ve actually never used it! Pitiful! I depend on Facebook too much, I think. I can read about what’s going on with them, so I don’t always take the time t pick up the phone for “live” conversation as much as I used to do. Summers are easier, too, because school is out. I like the out of the blue cards idea.

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