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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Cub 3 who always stayed latched to her momma bear’s or poppa bear’s leg whenever she entered their church.  She would attend church school on Saturdays…crying during the first minutes of every class.  Her poppa bear could NEVER visit her class because she would just start to cry all over again!  Her momma bear had to hide and peek in on her through the class door to make sure she was doing okay.

Cub 3 would not look at anyone or talk to anyone, and she did not want anyone to look at her or talk to her either!  All was well as long as she had her momma bear and poppa bear within reach.

Week by week and month by month, her parents and teachers worked hard to make her more comfortable in her new surroundings.  They thought Cub 3 would never get out of this stage!

Waves, smiles, and hugs were sent her way from her church family – from a distance.  They were patient and understanding throughout this process until Cub 3 was comfortable and ready to step out on her own.

Then, it happened!  One Sunday, Cub 3 boldly stepped in front of hundreds of people with a flashlight in hand and said, “Let there be light” and later, “That’s good!”

Cub 3’s momma bear and poppa bear were ecstatic to see how much their little shy, introverted cub had grown in self-confidence and indepedence!  Although Cub 3 still has her days of not wanting to be bothered with anyone, she is well on her way to a happily ever after!  The End.

Peace and Blessings!


6 thoughts on “Growth!”

  1. U don’t know how proud I am to have a new set of kids to watch grow my other babies are leaving the nest.

  2. Did you hear the loud scream from the back? It was me!! I thought I would fall when she said it!!! I was so proud of all my babies on Saturday!


  3. She did a great job!! And she didn’t blind herself with the light this time either!!! Ashon was saying awwwww she did it… they did a great job!! lol

  4. And I am so happy I was there to witness Cub 3’s GIANT step. I was so proud of her (Cub 4 too) that I had tears in my eyes. MB, your cub is growing up!!! You can be so proud of your den. They all did wonderfully on Sunday.

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