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The Cubs’ Introduction

With all of the excitement that Cub 3 (Growth!) brought to Sunday’s Children’s Day service for us, I almost forgot to share the boy cubs’ introduction.  PB was considered the guest preacher for the morning, and Cubs 1 and 2 were asked to introduce him.  They did all of their own planning with the exception of my advice which was to tell the church some things that they may not already know about PB.  I promise  – that’s the only help I gave!

Their introduction was GREAT!  However, I was more impressed with how well they planned!  They brainstormed things they wanted to share.  Then, Cub 1 pulled out his laptop and typed up their introduction.  The introduction was in a nice big font and he color coded their speaking parts; everything Cub 1 had planned to say was in green and everything Cub 2 planned to say was in blue.  I think he has a little bit of TEACHER in him!!  🙂  Next, they practiced over and over and over again – even planning a 5-second pause for the statements that they thought would make the congregation laugh!

So here it is:

Cub 1:  You already know a lot about the senior pastor.

Cub 2:  So we wanted to tell some things that we think you don’t know.

Cub 1:  Our father likes to read and play golf.

Cub 2:  He likes history and politics.

Cub 1:  Our dad often gets us in trouble with our mom for playing with us too much.

Cub 2: He loves to mess with our mom.

Cub 1: He loves to sleep in and when he ignores his alarm clock he makes me late for school.

Cub 2:  He is sarcastic, funny, smart, and kind.

Cub 1:  Our dad loves to spend time with his family.

Cub 2: But what we know as a fact is that he is the best dad ever.

Cub 1:  After a selection from the choir the next person you will  hear will be our awesome dad.

PB was pleased!!

Peace and Blessings!


4 thoughts on “The Cubs’ Introduction”

  1. Like I told you before all the Cubs did great! Cub 1 and Cub 2 were definitely in their element. And I could see Rev. was pleased.

    1. Cub 2 has never really been afraid of being in front of a crowd, but Cub 1 has been coming out of his shell more and more (like Cub 3). So glad you were there!

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