Sum-mah, Sum-mah, Sum-mahtime!

Summer officially begins today, and what better way for it to begin than with a heat advisory?!  It makes for a perfect evening to turn on the sprinklers and let the cubs soak themselves!

We are taking it SLOW this summer and trying to make the season last as long as possible.  The girl cubs are enjoying summer camp at their day care.  Face painting was a hit!

My Little Bumblebee
A Mermaid

The boy cubs get to spend most of their summer at home with me, but they do have horseback riding lessons coming up.

We are keeping our tradition of Family Fun Fridays.  Our first Friday was spent at a local park feeding the ducks and playing on the playground.

We aren’t doing our annual Florida vacation this year, but we are taking a road trip to Memphis!  Any advice on where we should go (cub-friendly) while we’re there would be greatly appreciated!

So, what’s in store for you and your family this summer?

Peace and Blessings!


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