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The Champ!

Cub 2 has wrapped up his baseball season.  Normally, I would be very excited about not having to drive to games and practices, not putting together quick 10-minutes meals that could be eaten between getting home from school and getting to the baseball field, or searching for all parts of the uniform and making sure they’re clean, but this year was different!

Cub 2 had great coaches, the players were great, the parents were great, and there were even great little siblings around to keep Cubs 3 and 4 entertained!

Cub 2 said Coach Andy was his second best coach ever (because I was his first t-ball coach and he didn’t want to hurt my feelings).  I have to admit that his coach was pretty awesome!

Coach Andy went above and beyond his coaching requirements to make the boys and girl better players, and it paid off!  They won the championship in their division last week!

He taught them three things all season: 1) LISTEN to their parents, coaches, and teachers; 2) always give their best EFFORT; and 3) have FUN!  They finished the season with a 16-1-1 record.  I’m thinking about applying Coach Andy’s philosophy in my classroom next year to see if I can be just as successful!

Congratulations Cub 2 and the Mets!

Peace and Blessings!