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Rollin’ Role Models

Last week, I had the privilege of getting a little taste of what PB has to deal with every day…TRAFFIC!!  I’m so grateful for my little 20-minute drive to work!  We had Vacation Bible School last week.  Our 50 minute trip can take as little as 40 minutes or as long as 90 minutes.  It’s just what we have to deal with until God blesses us to move closer to the church.

I also learned a little something about timing last week.  If I left just a few minutes later than planned, then it would put us in the midst of the rush hour traffic that I was trying to avoid.  On our way to church on Thursday, I had eight cars cut me off!  As much as I wanted to blow the horn, yell, and throw up some gestures, I didn’t, and this is why:

My precious cubs!! They (yours and mine) are always watching, listening, and mimicking us.  When I hear the cubs interacting with each other, I cringe when they repeat something that I’ve said out of frustration – even when it wasn’t directed towards them.

Join me in making sure that we say and do what we don’t mind having our cubs repeat through their words or actions.

Peace and Blessings!