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Just Beautiful!

This post doesn’t have a lot of meaning this week.  I just wanted to share about our beautiful weekend in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

How in the world did we end up in Williamsport, PA?  PB officiated over a wedding there on Saturday.  One of the unexpected perks of being a PW (preacher’s wife) is being his date for wedding ceremonies.  I LOVE weddings, especially when they are friends!  So, we gave the cubs over to GMB for the weekend and headed for the mountains!

We weren’t sure how well the G6 would do with the mountains of Williamsport, so we rented this little vehicle for the weekend.

Not our normal road trip vehicle for the Party of Six, but when it’s a party of two, it’s just right!  So right, in fact, that PB got a little too comfortable driving it and we were quickly reminded by PA’s finest to slow it down!  Beautiful!

However, a speeding ticket couldn’t stop us from being in awe of the beautiful mountains that surrounded us…and leave it to me to think that I wouldn’t need my handy dandy camera!  My phone doesn’t take the best pictures, but I tried!

When we finally arrived in Williamsport, we had just enough time to change our clothes and get to the church for the wedding rehearsal.  Afterwards, we had dinner with the wedding party at Haywood’s on the Water.  Absolutely beautiful!!

Beautiful! My poor camera phone can’t capture it!

On Saturday, we decided to explore the area a little.  We had lunch at a place called Bridge Tavern and Restaurant.  I only managed to eat half of my BBQ sandwich.  It was humongous!

Tavern on the corner
BBQ pulled pork! Yummy!

Williamsport is the home of the Little League Baseball World Series.  It’s where little league baseball began.  We had to visit the museum and fields on Saturday before going to the wedding.  It’s definitely a spot we’d like to visit again with the cubs.  Beautiful!

The Museum
A display in the museum
Flags of Little League countries
World Series field

We headed out to the church for the wedding after the museum.  Thankfully, PB had the couple in, married, and out of there, in less than 20 minutes because it was H.O.T.!  Still, it was a beautiful wedding!  Picture taken by Jonelle Fazzolari.

Tim and Paige Deljanovan!

PB and I had fun pretending we were not parents!  We stayed up well past our normal bedtime AND we didn’t wake up to little cubs asking for breakfast!  Beautiful!

Now, it’s back to reality…beautiful!

Cub 4 blending in with the toys!

Peace and Blessings!