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Two Lessons in One Day!

It has been a very long day!  I’ve been working on a summer project over the past two days, but I’m almost done!  One of my goals this summer was to de-clutter and re-organize one of our storage closets in the basement.  Yesterday, Cubs 1 and 2 and I spent the afternoon and evening taking everything out of the closet and placing them in the backyard.  It was a mess!  This morning, I finished sorting through everything, and the cubs filled our garage with trash bags full of things to be thrown away or recycled next week.  Items we wanted to keep are now back in the basement in plastic containers ready to be placed back in the storage closet tomorrow.  I’m finally starting to feel like I’ve accomplished something this summer!

While going through all of the old boxes, we found Cub 1’s first pair of sandals…yes, I do tend to hold on to pretty much everything!

This evening while fixing Cub 3 macaroni and cheese, [Lesson #2] I could hear Cub 4 crying as she was making her way up the basement steps toward the kitchen.  She discovered Cub 1’s baby sandals and was very frustrated with not being able to get her foot into the sandal!  I don’t know why, but I did attempt to explain to Cub 4 why she couldn’t wear the sandals.  It didn’t help – obviously – thus the tantrum!

LESSON #1:  How many times do I try to do something, or obtain something, that is just not meant for me?  Cub 4 has more than enough pairs of shoes that she can wear, however there she sat on the floor kicking and crying over a shoe that doesn’t fit!  God has blessed me with so much, yet here I am in the middle of my own temper tantrum because it’s not happening in the particular way (my way) that I want it to happen.  Ouch!

Back to Cub 3’s macaroni and cheese.  Cub 3 was not feeling well last night.  She didn’t sleep at all because of trips to the bathroom to empty her tummy.  She woke up this morning starving and wanting pancakes and milk, but I would only let her have a piece of toast and water.  She spent most of the afternoon and evening trying to catch up on the sleep she missed last night.  Cub 3 slept through dinner this evening which was hamburgers and fries.  When she finally did wake up, she asked for macaroni and cheese.  Now, we typically buy the little individual packs that only take 3-1/2 minutes in the microwave, but we only had the boxed kind this evening.  I explained to her that it would take longer to make, but she said, “I’ll wait,” and patiently rocked in the glider and sang songs to herself while waiting for “the slow way” to make macaroni and cheese.

LESSON #2:  Cub 3 told me what she desired and was willing to wait – without crying or whining or even asking how much longer!  In the end, she knew the result was going to be some yummy macaroni and cheese!  Just what she had asked for!  So, I’ve asked for what I want.  I guess I just need to patiently wait for God to bless me with it because I know it’s coming.  Whining and crying over it taking longer than I want it to take just doesn’t help!  Ouch again!

I’m the one that’s supposed to be teaching the lessons, right?!

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. Bless you MB, the world needs more mothers out here to be as loving and patient as you are. Such beautiful Princesses you have!

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