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My Rule Bender

All cubs were accounted for this evening.  Cub 3 was in the kitchen with me helping to fix her macaroni and cheese.  Cubs 1 and 2 were upstairs waiting to be called down for dinner.  When I last checked in with them, they were playing video games in our bedroom.  Cub 4 had decided to go upstairs as well, so I assumed that she was with her brother cubs.  What I did not know was that Cubs 1 and 2 had finished their game and had moved into Cub 1’s bedroom to play…and Cub 4…?

She walked quietly and nonchalantly into the kitchen holding a trail of brown-stained toilet paper that she was using to wipe off her shirt {credit for trying to clean herself up}.  For the first 15 seconds of observations (holding up her arms, turning her around slowly), I could only get out, “Oh boy…ooooooh boy…oooh, oooh, boy!Ummm, Cub 1, can you bring me the camera, please?!”

My busy cub always seems to save her best mess-ups for days when PB is not around!  This evening, she chose to play around in my make-up.  She found my tube of concealer and used it as lotion on her legs, arms and face!

That handy-dandy step stool!!  We have step stools all over this house.  They are on each floor and are supposed to be for the bathrooms and kitchen.  Once a cub figures out that the step stool can be their best friend for reaching the unreachable, it becomes an issue!  So, we made rules that the step stools could only be used in the bathroom and kitchen.  Now, I need to make an addendum to the bathroom rule to include that it cannot be used to play with MB’s make up!  Don’t you just love when the kids bend the rules??!!

Peace and Blessings!