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My Thank You’s

To the leaders of Leading and Loving It (Lori, Brandi, Jessica, Lisa, and Tiffany) who have connected pastor’s wives and women in ministry from across the country;

To Stephanie, who through her blog, introduced me to Leading and Loving It and offered to be my roommate this week to cut the hotel costs in half;

To the adorable couple at church who provided my round-trip airplane tickets;

To the little 5 year old girl who sat behind me on my plane ride to Oklahoma City and continuously kicked my seat (making me miss my cubs);

To the taxi driver I had a hard time communicating with, ran a red light, and used my GPS to find my hotel;

To those who traveled alone (like me) and ate dinner at Zio’s for our first evening together;

To Tiffany for sharing great advice in our break out session and teaching me how to say no without explanation;

To Oklahoma City for constructing an emotionally-moving memorial for those who lost their lives in the 1995 bombing;

To the owner of Pinketzel, the most beautiful cupcake and candy store EVER!;

To Different Drummer for letting us preview a new movie called Home Run (I LOVED it!);

To the sweet lady who treated me to a fruit cup and Starbucks Frappuccino just because she wanted to;

To the ladies who sat at Table 20 with me for sharing your hearts;

To the individuals and organizations who sent us gifts that had me worried about whether or not I would have enough room for them in my suitcase;

To the free hotel shuttle service that got me safely to the airport in the midst of a storm;

To Jaye and Laryssa who let me sit with them on the plane ride home so that I could hang on to every last thread of face-to-face conversation with other PW’s;

To my 2nd grade teammates who probably had to explain, edit, and revise my lesson plans for my substitute while I was away;

To my cubs for being their normal selves and making me feel like a celebrity when I returned with gifts;

To my amazing husband for saying yes to this whole trip when it meant he would have to spend 48 hours being SuperPB;

To PB’s staff who filled in where needed and pushed him out of the office on time to pick the cubs up from school;

To those of you who prayed for me before, during, after, and even now;

To my Lord and Savior for this season of my life, at this time in my life…the plans you have for me blow my mind sometimes and for that I have to say…

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  I am beyond grateful for God’s blessings!

Peace and Blessings!


14 thoughts on “My Thank You’s”

  1. God has something in store for YOU!!!! You have been a positive blessing to many of us, Your positive demeanor and the strength that he has giving you to project to others. I am so proud of you my sister, because there are not too many people out here that keep it REAL!!! And I love that in you, it;s the Jesus in you. Love myself some Evelyn (Renee) Kay!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You’re definitely no longer that shy girl my brother introduced me to some years ago. You have matured into a confident, beautiful, professional, young woman. I admire the way you handle yourself as a child of God, wife, and mother. I admire the way you interact with people both personally and professionally. You’re always wearing a smile even if its not what you would rather be doing. God definitely has some huge plans for you. Get ready! I definitely believe your agenda is about to get even heavier.

  3. I love that you enjoy and love being a PW, MB. I and ST. Glad you enjoyed your trip and the interaction with other PWs. I see a happy MB who is emerging from her cocoon and transforming into this beautiful butterfly in the life cycle of a PW. And the most wonderful part is that cycle never ends. You can continue to evolve, grow, and mature and with each cycle “hatch” each time surprising all. An MB is a new model of perfection. Love you and miss you girl.

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