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Bucket List

It has been one whopper of a week around here!  I think we had such a great start to the week with Missions Blitz that the devil was not happy and decided to try to steal our joy.  Oh, but God is so much bigger than the problems that we’ve faced this week (and are still facing).  If I’ve learned anything this week, it’s that God is bigger than this!

We had a staff meeting this week that focused on the difference between scaffolding and rescuing.  Sometimes, as teachers, we “rescue” kids by giving them the answer or by solving their problems for them.  Rescuing too much causes the students to depend on being rescued rather than trying to problem solve on their own.  They just wait around for us to get impatient and show them what to do.  Our goal should be to do more “scaffolding” which involves guiding students in the problem solving process without just giving them the answers; allowing them their needed “think time” in order to be successful.  It was a great presentation for me as a teacher, but it’s also been something I’ve been reflecting on as a parent.  We have several situations going on with the cubs right now that has definitely added to my gray hair collection this week.  In tackling how to act or react, I’ve been wondering…are we scaffolding or are we rescuing?  Are we guiding our cubs to become good problem solvers or are we trying to do too much of the solving ourselves?  Are we raising children who will become adults who can handle their problems, or are they going to blame everyone else for any and everything bad that happens to them?  Will we be visiting a cub in a courtroom because they are on trial or because they are prosecuting a person on trial?

Well, I really don’t have the answers yet.  Only time [and lots of prayer] will tell.  I do know that there are some things that I want for my cubs.  I’m calling it my Cub Bucket List.  One of my church friends and fellow blogger came up with a bucket list of things that she wanted to do with her son before he turns twenty-one.  You can read about them here.  After reading her blog post, I also started a list that I’ve spent some time looking at this week.  So far, I have ten goals for my cubs (in no particular order) that I think will help them become well-rounded bears one day.  Am I scaffolding or rescuing?? Hmm…

1.  Independent Thinkers:  I don’t want them to jump on any and every bandwagon.  I want them to weigh their pros and cons, their advantages and disadvantages and be able to make good decisions that they are not afraid to stand firm in even if it means they have to stand alone sometimes.

2. Love God and Serve Church:  I want them to fall more in love with God, and live so that others see Christ in them.

3. Cherish Family Time:  As much as I would love to have them around for every holiday and special occasion, I know that one day they will have families of their own.  Their family should always be their top priority and I want them to enjoy and look forward to getting together with family.

4. Mission Work:  Cubs 1 and 2 were able to experience this on Sunday, and we will definitely continue to have them participate in mission work.

5. Learn to read and play music:  This one is a little selfish!

6. Apologize and Practice Forgiveness:  I don’t want them to hold grudges!

7. Manners:  Self-Explanatory.

8. Integrity: So important!  I want their actions to speak for them.  I want them to keep their promises and to be trustworthy.

9. Conquer a Fear:  Having courage is an awesome thing!

10. Out of Country Trip:  Experiencing (first-hand) a culture outside of their own will benefit them.

Overall, I just want them to “do what the Lord says is right and good, and all will go well with them.” Deut. 6:18.  Please share your goals or desires for your cubs, if you’d like.  Make sure to balance the scaffolding and rescuing no matter what!

Peace and Blessings!

4 thoughts on “Bucket List”

  1. Another great blog! “Anonymous” said it correctly. Everything on your list is important. I pray daily and ask God to make me into the parent my individual kids need. Also, I ask God daily to guide my steps so my kids will have the example they need. Scaffolding or Rescuing! As a parent I’ve done a lot of rescuing and not enough scaffolding. I need God to definitely assist me in this area.

  2. I think that is an excellent list. You’ve inspired me to put together one for the grands. All on your list are so important!!


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