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ADHD Awareness Week: Fact Two

ADHD Awareness Week is October 14 – 20, 2012.  We were chosen to parent a child with ADHD, so this week is all about awareness and giving you a peek into our world.  There are seven facts listed on the ADHD Awareness Week web page that I thought I would share this week – one each day.  Here’s fact two:

Fact #2: ADHD is a common, non-discriminatory disorder.

Every time I think about this fact, it brings the word “love” to mind. God’s love doesn’t discriminate either. We have this beautiful ability to love – especially in the parent-child relationship.  Even when our cub does something that makes me think my head will literally explode, it’s the love that God gave me that makes it possible to still kiss him on the forehead before bed each night.

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. Thank you, Evelyn, for speaking out on this. I’m forwarding to my daughter-in-law who is a child counselor. The sight and your insights are special. Fondly, Lynda


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