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ADHD Awareness Week: Fact Three

ADHD Awareness Week is October 14 – 20, 2012.  We were chosen to parent a child with ADHD, so this week is all about awareness and giving you a peek into our world.  There are seven facts listed on the ADHD Awareness Week web page that I thought I would share this week – one each day.  Here’s fact three:

Fact #3: Diagnosing ADHD is a complex process.

Our cub has been taking medication for ADHD since first grade.  We saw a huge jump in his academics and behavior because he was able to focus throughout his school day.  I’ve written before about how bad I felt for his kindergarten teacher, who was a first-year teacher, and all that she had to endure because we were in denial.  It was difficult to decide whether our cub’s behaviors were based on him just being his Poppa Bear’s child :), or if there really were more pieces to the puzzle.  Thanks to help from our pediatrician and Children’s Hospital in D.C., we were able to get more of the puzzle pieces in place.  Since then, he’s had many evaluations and assessments, and we’re still putting pieces of the puzzle together.  That’s just the way it works…like a puzzle.  Diagnosing ADHD is like the border, or edges of the puzzle.  For us, that was the easy part.  Now, we’re spending time finding all of the pieces that go inside.  Sometimes you think you’ve found a piece that fits perfectly only to discover that it was totally wrong.  At other times, a puzzle piece is the right one, but it’s just turned the wrong way.  Thankfully, piece by piece, we are making progress.

Peace and Blessings!

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