Like Fingernails Sliding Down a Chalkboard…

…nothing gets under my skin like this:

One of my cubs is obsessed with the design of the utensil handle that he uses.  It doesn’t matter what he needs – knife, fork, teaspoon, or tablespoon – he prefers just one in particular.  This would be fine with me except that he digs through the stack and never puts the other utensils back into a neat stack!  It is so annoying to me!

So, you may be thinking…really, MB?  You’re blogging in the midst of Hurricane Sandy to tell us about Cub 2’s quirky preference?  Of course not!  It was a reminder to myself that I need not sweat the small stuff!

Almost a week ago, PB and I were preparing to go to Jamaica.  Hurricane Sandy interrupted that trip…that was planned months ago…that I looked forward to for a whole year…that would’ve given PB and I five days of uninterrupted adult-only time…I was a little annoyed!  PB and I had a little pity party, but after having time to reflect, realized that being in Jamaica or at home didn’t change the fact that we were preparing to celebrate 15 years of marriage!

In the midst of Hurricane Sandy, I could sweat the small stuff, but I’m choosing to be grateful.  I’m grateful that we are all safe and secure with plenty of food.  I’m grateful that we are not among the 3 million who have lost power so far during this storm.  I’m grateful for the unexpected family time with all of its little and big annoyances!

When you get ready to sweat the small stuff, those little annoyances, try to look at the big picture and thank God for it all.

Peace and Blessings!


4 thoughts on “Like Fingernails Sliding Down a Chalkboard…”

  1. Amen to not sweating the small stuff!! Amen to believing in God for something better! Look at what He does!! Glad to hear that you made out okay in the storm.


  2. Oh, my. That would drive me insane, as well.

    I am challenged by your attitude, even with having to cancel a trip to Jamaica! Thank you for the reminder; I needed to read this tonight.

    1. Thanks, Tunrade! Jamaica has been rescheduled (and ends up being cheaper)! Talk about believing God for something better! Hoping all is well with you and the family!

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