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Digging Deeper

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Okay, this one is going to be rather fast because I’m super sleepy!  Sleepy because I stayed up way too long last night trying to write twenty-two report card comment paragraphs.  For some students, I could write all day long about their progress.  I could write about what they’re doing well and what we plan to continue to work on for the next grading period.  Then there are those students who require some s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g of the “glass is half full” side of my brain.

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Sometimes, I have to dig a little deeper to find something positive to say.   I stumbled across 30 Days of Thanks the other day.  Basically, it’s about reflecting each day for the whole month of November on something that you are thankful for.  I felt this was the perfect month and perfect timing for me to practice this in my own life.  I’ve spent too much time telling God what I need him to do and not enough time telling Him “thank you” for what He has already done and continues to do for me.

So, who’s ready to take the challenge with me?  You don’t have to write them down or even say them out loud, but try to come up with one thing to be thankful for during the next 29 days.  Some days may require you to dig deeper to find that bright spot in your day, but keep digging until you find it!

Today, I’m thankful for a good group of students that didn’t require much digging while writing their report card comments!

Peace and Blessings!