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It’s a Safe Place To Be

Cub 4 safe in GMB’s arms!

Cub 3 was enjoying a piece of leftover Halloween candy while dancing in her socks on our slippery kitchen floor, when all of a sudden in the middle of a twirl, she fell flat on her face.  She grasped her mouth in pain and I scooped her up to see if there was any blood.  At first glance, there were no immediate signs that anything was red or beginning to swell.  So, she just layed her head on my chest and let me rock her while rubbing her back.  After her crying turned to wimpering, I checked her face again – still no signs of injury.  So, I continued to rock and rub my cub’s back.  Soon, her wimpering turned to sniffing and I check her face again – still no signs of injury.  I asked her to wriggle her nose and there was no pain, but she laid her head back on my chest again…and I continued to rock and rub my cub’s back.

In between the rocking and rubbing, I started thinking about a past experience with my PB.  When I was younger, he asked me to get something out of his car.  After I grabbed whatever it was out of the car, I slammed my thumb in the door.  By the time I got back in the house, I was in tears!  My dad scooped me up on his lap and I laid my head on his shoulder and he rubbed my thumb until my crying turned to wimpering and my wimpering turned to sniffing.  It was the best feeling in the world to be safe and secure in his arms with him rubbing my hurt away!  My PB is no longer around for me to sit on his lap and rub away all that brings heartache or pain, but my Heavenly Father always keeps me safe and secure in His arms!

I don’t “talk politics” like some of my friends and acquaintances on Facebook or Twitter, or even in face-to-face conversation very much, but there are those – Christians included – who are engulfed in slandering both candidates and who are attempting to bully us into voting the way that they planned to vote.  What is most important, however, is that you (1) voted today, and that you (2) prayed to God that HIS WILL (not yours) BE DONE.   Regardless of who has the title of the President of the United States tomorrow morning, as Christians, our safe and secure place is in God’s arms.  In His arms is the best place to be!

Day 6 of 30 Days of Thanks:  I’m thankful that I have a relationship with God!

Peace and Blessings!


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  1. AMEN!

    I am thankful for my beautiful Church Family and God’s love and His mercies! Despite how bad behavior at times, He continues to love us. Thank God, He does not treat us the way we treat one another sometimes! THANK YOU LORD FOR YOUR LOVE, MERCY, BLESSINGS, & GRACE!!


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