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Momma Knows What?!

Remember me talking about digging deeper sometimes to find that happy thought of the day?  Yeah, well, this isn’t one of those days…exactly.  Let me explain.  We’ll start with Cub 1:

Cub 1 does not like to write.  Does not like to write.  Does not.  So, imagine our excitement when he walks into our room last week with not one, but three pages of a neatly written, well-organized story!  He was proud of his work and so were we!  Tonight, on the eve of his final copy being due to his language arts teacher, he has NOTHING to type from!  When I asked where his story was, he told me that he was “book jacked” and must have lost it in the process.  In case you didn’t know, book jacked is when someone comes up from behind and knocks your books out of your hands.  If there is one person who cannot afford to be book jacked, it’s Cub 1.  We work on organizational issues daily.  Thankful? Yes! He wrote a great story for the first time in a long time without an argument!  Frustrated? Yes! Here he sits across from me trying to remember what he wrote…and we won’t get any other homework done tonight.

Let’s move on to Cub 2.

Cub 2 had a great week at school last week.  He likes to get his homework done quickly so that he has more time to play with his teacher’s kid friends after school.  He knows that he doesn’t get to play with his friends after school if there are any behavior issues.  On Fridays however, he gets a “free” day because he’s a member of a Destination Imagination group which includes some of his teacher’s kids friends.  This morning at 9:03 (the first bell rings at 9:05), Cub 2 comes to my classroom to show me a note from his teacher concerning his behavior on FRIDAY!  He waited until the very last minute (to avoid my lecture, I’m sure) after having all weekend to tell PB and me about his note.  Thankful? Yes!  Cub 2 never has a problem making friends and finding someone to talk to.  Frustrated? Yes!  Cub 2 is still working on talking at appropriate times during the school day.  Tonight, he went to bed right after dinner.

My dear Cub 3:

Cub 3 has a great memory or great church school teachers or a combination of both!  She was able to tell me all about her church school lesson from Saturday.  She learned about Moses and his encounter with the burning bush.  She also told me about him performing miracles like putting his hand in his shirt and it had “red spots” all over it.  Then he put it in his shirt again and the red spots were gone.  You already know how much I love our church and church school teachers, so I was super excited about sharing what she had learned with PB.  Thankful? Yes!  Cub 3 is learning so much about the bible in her class.  Frustrated? Yes!  Since Saturday, she’s been having nightmares about that burning bush!  Last night, Cub 3 was sent back to her room a few more times than the norm because of her bad dreams.

Finally, Cub 4:

Cub 4 is turning into our little diva/tomboy cub.  She loves telling me how to fix her hair.  She loves practicing her dare-devil moves of jumping from high places.  She loves having her nails painted, and she loves getting into my make-up.  Tonight after baths, she started crying…and crying…and crying.  We could not figure out what she was looking for as she walked from room to room mumbling about something.  Thirty minutes later, she looks behind a box in the hallway and says, “Oh! Here it is!”  It was her bottle of lip gloss!  Thankful? Yes!  It was turning into a long night of trying to convince her to go to bed.  Frustrated? Yes!  I sell Mary Kay.  Had I known she was looking for her bottle of lip gloss…I’ve got plenty to share!

So, “Momma Knows” that she is mentally drained after dealing with her four very different cubs tonight.  I must admit, though, I still wouldn’t trade my MB job for anything!

Peace and Blessings!


3 thoughts on “Momma Knows What?!”

  1. I never knew what everyone was talking about with the love for your own kids, but when my daughter was born, I totally understand each word of it now. I love my daughter more than anything, and even though the crying can weigh on my nerves, it only takes a partial smile for me to forget about it all and fall in love all over again.

  2. Love these stories!! I remember those days when my sons were little. Those two were a handful. It is good to know you sell Mary Kay. I need makeup tips.

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