A Little Parent Guilt

I laugh at myself sometimes as a parent.  When I didn’t have cubs, or when my cubs were younger, I had a long of list of things that I planned to do (and not do) with them.  Some I’ve been able to stick with like soda only as a special treat and set bedtimes. Others have been harder to stick with like no toy guns and no sleeping in our bed.  Then there’s wrestling.  I was adamant about our cubs not watching wrestling because I did not want them trying the wrestling moves on each other or on others.  Somehow, a new rule emerged and the boy cubs were allowed to watch wrestling matches with PB on Friday nights.  In the process, Cub 2 became a HUGE fan of John Cena.  Over time, with every good report card or birthday, he has asked for John Cena gear.


When he found out that John Cena and other WWE superstars were coming to our area, he began begging…and begging…and begging for tickets. And what did this Momma Bear do?  Bought the tickets, of course!

He was so excited on Christmas morning!


He had a wonderful time with PB and Cub 1 at the show.

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The things we do for our kids to put a smile on their face!

Peace and Blessings!!


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