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Top 5 of 2012: #2

The second most viewed post of 2012 was called “The Nocturnal One.”  It is about Cub 3, and unfortunately, most nights still follow a similar script. Smh!


The den is quiet by 8:00 (or somewhere around it).  All of the cubs are in their rooms winding down…except for one.

She stands in our doorway:

Cub 3:  I need to use the bathroom.

MB: Go to the bathroom, then get back in bed.

(A few minutes later)

Cub 3:  [Cub 4] isn’t in her bed.

MB:  Tell her to get back in bed, please.

(A few minutes later)

Cub 3: [Cub 4] isn’t laying on her Pillow Pet.

MB:  She doesn’t have to lay on her Pillow Pet if she doesn’t want to.

(A few minutes later)

Cub 3: [Cub 4] is asleep.

MB:  Good!  Now, you go to sleep too!

Cub 3:  But I’m not tired! (tears) Daddy!

(A few minutes later with a book in hand)

Cub 3: Mommy, do cats poop?

MB:  Yes [Cub 3].

Cub 3: Do cows poop?

MB:  Yes [Cub 3].  All of the animals in the book poop!  Go get in bed and read your book.

Cub 3: (Tears) Daddy!

(A few minutes later)

Cub 3: Mommy, how come you don’t have your pajamas on yet?

MB:  Because I’m ironing our clothes.

Cub 3:  Are you gonna put them on after you finish ironing?

MB:  Yes, [Cub 3].

Cub 3: Do irons poop?

MB:  No, [Cub 3]!  Go get in the bed!

Cub 3: But I’m not tired! (Tears) I want Daddy!

(A few minutes later)

Cub 3: Is Daddy on his way?

MB:  Yes, he is.

Cub 3:  Can you call him and see if he’s on his way?

MB:  He already called.  He’s coming.

(A few minutes later)

Cub 3: I have a nail on my toe.

MB:  What do you mean?

Cub 3: (Points to a long toenail)

MB:  Do you need me to cut it?

Cub 3: Yes! (with a smile)

(A few minutes later)

Cub 3: Mommy, when I twist my ear, it hurts.

MB:  Then don’t twist your ear, [Cub 3].

(A few minutes later)

Cub 3: Mommy, when I wipe my eye, it hurts.

MB:  It’s because you’re sleepy [Cub 3].  Get in bed and close your eyes.

Cub 3:  But, I’m not tired! (Tears) Daddy!

(She hears the security alarm.)

Cub 3: Daddy!!

MB:  Shh!  Go back in your room.  He’ll be upstairs in a minute.

(PB says good night.  More tears)

(A few minutes later)

Cub 3:  I can’t sleep with the [hall] light on.

MB:  I’ll turn it off for you.

(She quietly sneaks into our bed while PB and I are caught up in conversation.  I carry her back to her room.  More tears.)

(A few minutes later)

Cub 3:  Can I sleep with you?

MB:  I have to finish my school work, so I can’t turn the light off.  Go get back in bed.

(A few minutes later)

Cub  3:  Are you finished with your school work yet?

MB:  No, [Cub 3].

PB:  After Mommy is finished with her work, you can come get in our bed, okay? (being treated just like a “Daddy’s Girl”)

…and we haven’t heard from her again!  It only took two hours!

Peace and Blessings!


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