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Top 5 of 2012: #5

The fifth most viewed post of 2012 is about Cub 1’s first youth event.  It’s called “The Newest Youth Member.”

Yesterday was a momentous day for the Party of Six.  Cub 1 turned 12 years old a few  months ago, which meant that he could finally become a part of the youth group at church.  His biggest thrill, besides leaving the Sunbeam choir and transitioning to the Youth choir, was finally being able to go on the annual trip to Kings Dominion!

As expected, I was anxious pretty much all day!  I have no idea how my parents were able to let me travel around the world at age 16 with a group of strangers, and I was going crazy over Cub 1 being only a few hours away with people that I knew would take good care of him!

Cub 1 was also nervous, but excited to get away.  He was out of the car and in the fellowship hall before I could get my camera ready!

Already in the door!

So, I had to have him come back out and “stage” himself walking in again!  Lol!

Walking in – Take Two!
He’s so understanding of his Momma Bear!

The rest of the Party tried to manage minus one cub.  It always feels awkward when all six of us are not together.  After a number of facebook posts, text messages, and phone calls, I was assured that Cub 1 was doing just fine and was having a great time (exactly what I needed to hear)!

We have discovered that when we return to Kings Dominion, as a family, I now have a riding partner!  My friend/prayer partner/fellow mommy knew that I would want to remember this special day, so she gave me a keychain of Cub 1’s first roller coaster ride!  I love it!

Whew!  I made it through another “first” event!  Thank you, Lord!

Peace and Blessings!