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My Pants Are On Fire!

I lied today.  It was quick and painless.  It was to avoid confrontation.  I didn’t want to hurt her feelings.  So, let me back up a bit and tell you what happened.

Last week, I wanted to attend a memorial service at the church for a dear sister-friend whose father passed away.  I put in a request for a substitute, but I didn’t request a specific substitute due to how quickly I needed someone to fill in.  As grateful as I was that someone had chosen to take my class, SHE would not have been my first choice.  Since, I’d had her before, I prepared specific, detailed lesson plans for her.  I left directions for what should be collected and what the students were to keep in folders.  SHE even had an assistant at two different times during the day in the classroom with her who knows all about my classroom.  When I returned to school on Friday afternoon, my desk was a confusing mess!  One big stack of math, spelling, writing, and reading papers sat on the edge of my desk.  Some papers had names others didn’t.  Some papers were completed, others weren’t. SHE taught what she wanted to teach and how SHE wanted to teach it.  Unfortunately, it was exactly what I expected.  As a result, part of my instructional time on Monday was figuring out (with my students’ help) what was what.

So, today SHE was subbing again for someone else.  SHE popped her head in my door and asked, “Was everything good with Friday?”  My response? “Yes! Thank you!”  (What the what??!!)  A straight-up lie!!  Have you ever done something similar?  Maybe to avoid hurting someone’s feelings?  Or to avoid a long undesired conversation with someone?  Should I have pointed out everything to her that she didn’t do correctly? Maybe.  Would she have taken it as constructive criticism, or would she have felt attacked?  Not sure.  So, I took the cowardly way out and just said, “Yes! Thank you!”  I gave her the authority to go and mess up another teacher’s lesson plans.  Pitiful.  God and I will be talking about this tomorrow morning.  I’ll get back to you.

On a totally different subject, Cub 2 has become our little expert online bargain shopper.  Whenever he has a new “want” he researches the best bargains online and then makes his presentation to PB and me.  Working with $40.00, he found a discounted pair of tennis shoes on a website called  They have name brand items for less and FREE SHIPPING!  So, if you’re ever in need of something in particular and you only want to spend a certain amount of money on it, Cub 2 is the person you should see!  Here he is with his latest purchase that arrived today!  Having a great report card and placing  third in the school’s science fair really paid off for him!


photo (1)

Off and running!


8 thoughts on “My Pants Are On Fire!”

  1. Let God direct your path! My dad always tells me, “Choose your battles carefully!”

    Tell Cub 2, auntie is proud of him! Research prior to leaping into something is a lesson that most adults are still learning.

  2. Ya know….you have to decipher the battles worth fighting. I know that within the chaos of any given school day, a head “pop-in” doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the time for an in-depth convo….but maybe at a more convenient time, sharing with that sub how she can improve and cause herself less stress throughout the day might just be beneficial not just to you and your fellow teachers, but to her own professional development as well. #justmythoughts#
    Still doin’ the snow dance…..hope dwindling….

  3. Thanks Evelyn for the helpful hints. Sometimes we have to look the other way, and allow God to fight our battle. No it does not make us happy, but……. Tell Cub 2 I will be calling on him to help me stretch my pennies!

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