Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Montego Bay...not really the Red Sea but you get the point!

Montego Bay…not really the Red Sea but you get the point!

Please assure me that I am not the only one who feels like this sometimes. When I think about situations that have presented themselves  in my life, and I want to think for myself (I’m a little bossy), I find myself asking, “Lord, am I crazy, or are you really telling me to do this?”  Well, I thought I’d share with you what helps me when I’m wondering if I’m hearing the right thing:

1. What He is telling you will be confirmed in His word.  We don’t serve a God of confusion.   (1 Corinthians 14:33)

2. Confirmation will come smack you in the forehead (multiple times if needed).  He’ll spell it out through others, a song on the radio, your devotions, bible study lesson, etc.

3. It will be familiar to you.  We are God’s sheep and his sheep know his voice.  If you have a relationship with God already, then you’ll know who’s speaking.

It’s my own Red Sea-kind-of-moment happening right now in my life.  Here’s my version:  I’m an Israelite standing at my Red Sea.  Pharaoh’s army is closing in, and all I can see is what’s literally right in front of me…a big old sea that I can’t swim through because I can’t swim!  So, I’m standing on the bank cracking up!  I mean cheek-aching laughter!  I know I should be flippin’ out, but I’m not.  Crazy, right?

I want to be faith-driven, not driven crazy.  What’s keeping me from losing it?  It’s being in constant communication with “who” is keeping me from losing it.

Off and running.


8 thoughts on “Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

  1. Lynda Cock says:

    Blessings as you listen and go off and running! With care and fond memories of our time together teaching, Lynda


  2. Modestine says:

    Thank you for sharing and you are not alone in your feelings. Thank you for being apart of my confirmation.

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